Raising Money for Children's Clinic at Auction

- 11. 1. 2016, Hradec Králové, Předměřice nad Labem -

The District Football Association Hradec Králové had staged the sixth year of a charity event called "The District Football Association's Day of Partners" taking place in a modern sports hall in a small town of Předměřice nad Labem lying close to Hradec Králové on 9 January 2016. Ten local football teams entered this regional tournament accompanied by auction; sports items and curiosities there, such as team jerseys signed with football or hockey players' autographs had been put up for sale by many sportspeople. The item that was among auctioned ones was the team costume collection worn during last year's motorsport season Michal Matějovský had notched up great success in. "I'm glad I could give a few things from our team gear worn in 2015 to help such a perfect thing - the auction raising money for the Haematology Ward of the Children's Clinic in the Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové. Gloves, a team cap and a team costume had been auctioned for around CZK 10,000 and contributed to the raised amount of nearly CZK 150,000", said Michal Matějovský after the auction.

Also other donators had been contributing during that all-day tournament. The raised amount included voluntary entrance fees and "contributions" awarded for scoring goals during that Saturday's football tournament ... The amount added to by a sum raised by the A team FC Hradec Králové was finally over CZK 150,000. However, this amount seems not to be a final one as it might increase due to the possibility to contribute to a special charity bank account No. 256299368/300. All money raised within this event, "The 6th Year of the District Football Association Day of Partners", will be given to the Haematology Ward of the Children's Clinic in the Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové, and will be used to create more favourable environment for small patients.

More on web site: www.ofshk.cz.

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