Valtr One Step from Life Success, Kolomý Maybe Second

- 15. 1. 2016, Carlos Paz, Argentina -

Jaroslav Valtr is a step from his life success at Dakar Rally. Currently ranking eighth in the overall results he continues to have a say in the final ranking. As he only loses 10 minutes after the seventh ranking pilot with a 9 minute advantage before the ninth ranking Versluis, the last stage can still change everything.

"Today my Phoenix again did some combine harvester´s work for I mowed some grass and pulled down some fences. Otherwise today´s ride was very nice. A lot on the rock and many technical sections. I am happy for even our result is excellent, I think. I wonder what will happen in the last stage. Versluis behind us and Stacey in front, I only hope that the finish will not bring any masculine exchange of opinions. We certainly want to stay among the top ten but eighth rank would surely be better," thinks the Bread Man Jarda Valtr about possible tactics of the team.

"The fourth rank is nice but if only it was in the middle of the competition. The problem is that the three trucks that were quicker than us are behind us in the overall ranking, which is not ideal. But we are happy we chase the very elite of the competition," noted the navigator Josef Kalina in the finish. Martin Kolomý Made a defect in the course of the transfer before 12th stage and that was again a lot of fun for the crew. Luckily the accompanying vehicle was on the way and timely brought a new tyre. First of all the tyre had to be put on the rim to save time in the stage. Nobody wanted to risk covering the whole stage with just one reserve wheel. All was done quickly and the crew left as scheduled. Unfortunately the start was situated in a narrow lane already blocked by other pilots and so the crew of Martin Kolomý started the stage only after Arthur Ardavichus.

"The last but one stage was successful for the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team. We drove for Jarda and started behind him to protect him from the back. We had problems with the organizers who did not want to let us to the start, though. There were trucks of our competitors standing there, that is why. Still in the course of the transfer our tyre blew up and we had to change it before start. Luckily all was well calculated. But the lane was too narrow. We immediately filed a protest of course to improve our time, so we will see. Today´s mountain stage was made for Tatra and I was overwhelmed by it," said Martin Kolomý in the bivouac.

Also Tomáš Ouředníček with Hummer H3 Eco achieved his best stage result so far, ranking 32nd. "This was a really nice stage. Beautiful nature, big audiences. Long but pleasant. The start was very dusty but soon a rain shower washed it off and we overtook two other cars. After a time the electric system of the car failed. You can imagine my feelings. Today´s result is our best so far and there is just one last stage ahead of us so please keep your fingers crossed for us," said Tomáš Ouředníček after arrival in the bivouac.

The last thirteenth stage will include a long transfer in the length of 518 kilometres. The special section that will finally decide the overall result is scheduled to measure 180 kilometres. The Dakar Rally has reached its end and tonight we will know the winners of all four categories.

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