Exhibition FAST WHEELS in the Czech Republic's Senate of Parliament

- 26. 1. 2016, Prague, CZE -

An exhibition dedicated to photographers documenting motorsports and car racing events was formally opened in the rooms of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic on Tuesday, 26 January 2016. The exhibition has been already displayed in the CzechTourism agency's exhibition area in Prague-Vinohrady, or in the Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové. It was also staged at the motorsport show of the same name, FAST WHEELS, held in the town of Lysá nad Labem the previous year in November.

The show had been arranged under the patronage of Senator, Prof. M.D. Jaroslav Malý, CSc., who opened its private view. While single photo-pictures were being presented, a speech was given by a popular motoring journalist PhD Petr Dufek or a photographer Jiří Křenek, who documents Formula1 racing, and who depicted the atmosphere that had surrounded taking photos of one of the displayed photos called Vettl's Star is Shining" , which had won this year's photography competition called the GOLDEN EYE. Guests had opportunity to make a tour of some of the Senate rooms, or to briefly discuss single displayed photographs taken by Jiří Křenek, Petr Lusk, Petr Frýba, Richard Kienberger, Karel Hrnčíř or Martin Kozák.

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