Kart Racing Team DOSS KART from Týniště nad Orlicí Entering Another Season

- 1. 3. 2016, Tyniště nad Orlicí, CZE -

Earlier this week, Michal Matějovský visited a successful kart racing team called DOSS KART from the town of Týniště nad Orlicí, whose manager is his racing mate, a kart racing driver Jan Dostál Jnr. In the past, the team coached many of the present-day famous automobile racing drivers, including Michal Matějovský, or Michal Vorba, Štefan Rosina, Michal Fousek, and cooperated with a great deal of other kart racing drivers, such as Jan Kopecký, Jan Šlehofer, Libor Toman, and many more.

"I do like casting my mind back to the days of working with the team DOSS KART. No doubt it was just in this team where I had been getting my first practical experience in circuit racing. Much we gained while taking part in the English series 'McLaren Mercedes Champions of the Future' devoted to searching for young talented drivers, which I competed in together with Mr. Dostál Snr. It occurred nearly twenty years ago, in 1998 ... Nevertheless, since that time the DOSS KART team have been still using those pieces of knowledge ...", casts Michal Matějovský, the 2015 FIA ETCC Champion, his mind back to cooperation with the kart racing team from Týniště nad Orlicí.

The team DOSS KART have been cooperating with the leading kart technical components manufacturer MS KART since 2008, and have acquired the status as a garage service and sealing centre for a cup class, "Rotax Max". The team provide everything regarding karting motorsport: complete remanufacturing of engines, chassis and all components. "For figuring an engine power-output parameter we make use of engine brake made by the company 'MotComTest', which enables us to determine required engine tuning, but also helps us while checking engines after remanufacturing. We focus our major effort to watch "driving development". Therefore, we work with telemetric data, added to with camera shots of kart racing drivers. By doing so we get reasonable amount of information on a ride that we evaluate with drivers," says Jan Dostál Jnr, the boss of the team DOSS KART. Such a way pushes racing drivers forward quicker, and motivates all team engaged in care of drivers-beginners, as well as those enjoying laurels on home or foreign circuits.

So, racing drivers have been making excellent progress in the recent years, indeed. Particularly Petr Fulín Jnr, who as a rookie, first drove a kart in 2008 to win together with the team The Championship of the Czech Republic three years later; today he is among the best racing drivers in the Czech Republic. After joining the team DOSS KART in 2003, another racing driver, Jan Filip had been getting used to many new things that he exploited last year, so would finish in the third place in the home championship final standings. In 2015, it was Jakub Novotný who notched up considerable success after over-a-year gap in kart racing by winning the Rotax Max Junior class in the final standings, so would qualify for the Rotax world final. It is worth noting that Jakub Novotný also got the seventh place in the prestigious press survey Golden Steering Wheel ...

"I think the whole concept the team DOSS KART try to develop is very good; this fact is supported by the results achieved by individual team racing drivers. A lot of other teams have adopted a similar strategy both at home and abroad. In England, for example, it was just the mentioned series McLaren Mercedes Champions of the Future in the past, or the Junior Stars, the competition for rookie racing drivers in our country, now being organized by the team Křenek Motorsport and a range of partners. What is, however, important is just working with young talented drivers in single teams. It's a good way, I guess, how to bring up a racing-driver generation for a range of motorsports," said Michal Matějovský while visiting the team DOSS KART in Týniště nad Orlicí.

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