Michal Matějovský Mentoring Junior Star Competition in Most

- 5. 3. 2016, Hradec Králové, CZE -

Michal Matějovský has taken up an offer from Josef Křenek so is going to bring experience to young motorsports hopes during the oncoming competition Junior Star final in Most (www.juniorstar.cz). Michal himself began his racing career at the age of eight when as a young racing driver first experienced racing circuits in Vysoké Mýto, a town lying close to Hradec Králové. His first coach was his father, Stanislav Matějovský, who had been taking part in European track racing those times and would win the European Champion title in 2001. He might have wished his son would follow his steps, however, Michal tended towards "sheet metal" cars. Twenty years later, after entering dozens and hundreds of kart races, or the Česká pojišťovna - Škoda Octavia Cup driving a Škoda pick-up, or later on a range of other racing cars makes, he had settled in the Křenek Motorsport team to compete in the FIA ETCC in the team's livery for three years, where he won the FIA ETCC Champion title in 2015. This year, Michal Matějovský is going to be engaged abroad again.

"It's not a sort of slack in my motorsport activities, but more or less a certain movement in the sphere of my interests; if a chance comes, I might test a new cup Octavia in one race. However, I'll be mostly involved in my long-year cooperation with the Buggyra team. I'll be truck racing again in China, now, in all series of that local truck racing championship. I figure that after twenty years of being in races in many different circuit races, the time to offer my experience to the young, who are interested in motorsport, is slowly coming. For me, myself, the stay in England was a valuable lesson. I was about twelve that time, and I had a chance to join the excellent project backing rookies, McLaren Mercedes - Champion of the Future there. Therefore I fancy having that offer to be a mentor, which I've just accepted. Me, Tomáš Enge, Adam Kour, Petr Fulín and David Vršecký, who are mentors as well, are going to advise young participants in this competition. It's being organised on the home basis, and held in the Czech Republic on the 'autodrom' in Most in a fortnight. We'll pick up the most talented from a range of the interested. The Junior Star, therefore, is a real opportunity for young talented people. It's definitely the project that is much needed for our circuit stage. I'm glad I can join in. It's also Gabriela Jílková and Jiří Jupa who are going to help, and we're sure to make our bests to find new talents for motorsport, and to help all who seriously consider that, and have potential to slowly improve," said Michal Matějovský, the FIA ETCC Champion, during the preparations for the Junior Star competition.

This year's project Junior Star is a follow-up to the previous projects Formula Start and Race Star. Likewise these one, it is designed to facilitate the talented racing driver's entry to the motorsports world. Standing behind this competition organisation are the motoring clubs AUTOMOKLUB MOST and FORMULASTAR KLUB of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic, and one of the leading figures of the Czech motorsport Josef Křenek, who, together with other partners, aim to find a new generation of racing drivers for the Czech circuit sport. The Junior Star's ambitions are to follow up with dignity its predecessors, and to offer a high sport value, as well as an interesting spectacle for crowds, since the overall winner will get an attractive prize: a racing seat in the new Octavia Cup. Therefore The Junior Star provides anybody who wants to become a circuit racing driver with chance to be so. No matter whether they are financially backed, if they showcase talent, effort and desire, they will have the door to circuit racing open.

Michal Matějovský jako jezdec týmu McLaren Mercedes v projektu Champions of the Future, Anglie 1998 Michal Matějovský s vozem škoda pick-up, Matador-Škoda Pick-Up Free Style, 2002 Michal Matějovský s vozem škoda octavia, ČPŠOC, 2005 Michal Matějovský s vozem škoda octavia, Škoda Česká pojišťovna Challenge, 2006 Michal Matějovský s vozem BMW, seriál závodů BMW 1 Challenge, 2006 Michal Matějovský s vozem Alfa Romeo 156Super 2000, FIA ETCC, první zkušební závody, 2007 Michal Matějovský s vozem seat,FIA WTCC, 2008 Michal Matějovský s vozem Audi A4DTM, MMČR, 2012 Michal Matějovský s vozem seat, Seat Leon Eurocup, 2009 Michal Matějovský jako testovací jezdec s tahačem Buggyra, 2013 Michal Matějovský s vozem seat, FIA ETCC, 2012 Michal Matějovský s vozem BMW 320si, FIA ETCC - po zisku titulu evropského šampiona, Pergusa-Sicilie, 2015

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