- 20. 3. 2016, Most, CZE -

At the weekend, the young talents motorsport competition Junior Star (www.juniorstar.cz) was a success in following with dignity traditional competitions, which had been held alike in the past, such as the Formula Star or Race Star. Despite rather bitter pre-spring weather, over three tens of young candidates for motorsport circuit racing had arrived at the Autodrom in Most, and then were gradually doing a range of different tests. Those who had accumulated the highest number of points qualified for the final rides on Sunday. First, it was a slalom skill ride in Renault Twingo cars. Only a few of the best made it to the final and would battle on the circuit in Formula Renault vehicles. Finally, it was Petr Semerád who was the best of all, as he had won the first prize: a seat in a Škoda Octavia in the forthcoming Škoda Octavia Cup season.

Supervised by seasoned racing drivers, including Michal Matějovský from Hradec Králové, all young drivers were gradually taking tests of knowledge and fitness on Saturday, 19 March. The tests singled out the best twenty who would take part in the final rides on Sunday. "In my opinion all of the participants deserve praise for both knowledge and skills and delivered performance. I congratulate all winners, and I'm looking forward to seeing them soon on one of the racing circuits," said Michal Matějovský after the competition.

The competition Junior Star had been organised and backed by many subjects and motorsport stables. It was also the company ČEPS a.s. that did a big part in the successful course, and apart from other things, had arranged a racing simulator. Therefore all those who were not competing at the moment had a change to try their hands at a computer-simulated race.

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