This Year is To See Trucks Both in Europe and China

- 19. 4. 2016, Prague, CZE -

On Tuesday, 19 April 2016, the Interhotel Ambassador - Zlatá Husa in Wenceslas Square, Prague, was the venue of the Buggyra Racing team's press conference, where the plans for this year were communicated. In 2016, Jiří Forman and Michal Matějovský will be in the most successful Czech team Buggyra Racing's foursome with two other team's protagonists, Adam Lacko and David Vršecký. They are going to defend the titles in the forthcoming European and Chinese truck championships.

Adam Lacko believes he will be fighting for the Europe's Champion title just in the new special "Fat Fox". The post of the team's second racing driver in the FIA ETRC series will take Jiří Forman in another truck "Fat Fox". Going to China are Adam Lacko and Michal Matějovský, who took part in that championship last year, and David Vršecký. "It's definitely a fresh challenge for me. I like such things. I'm supposed to follow Martin Kolomý's success; anyway, it's the aim I've set myself. I'd like to add to my two European titles that Chinese one," was Vršecký's comment on the new challenge.

"It's a lot that's awaiting us in the coming season," voiced the team manager, Jan Kalivoda, at the press conference as to the 2016 season programme. "Although our scope is being permanently extended, we have high aims. What we're bringing into spotlight is defence of the title in the Chinese championship, and the first place in the European Truck Racing Cup's Constructors' Cup. What's more, for that Chinese mission we're increasing cooperation with a semi-budgetary organisation of the Ministry of Regional Development for the tourism support, CzechTourism, which is our key partner; David Vršecký is going in a circuit Tatra Phoenix for the first time.

As a token, David Vršecký finally handed a steering wheel from the "Fat Fox" over to Jiří Forman. "It's not gonna be easy to take the place of David, and I won't in many ways. He is invaluable asset to the team in constructional and testing terms. Naturally, I'm sure the team are aiming high, but it'll be a brand new challenge for me. Nevertheless, I hope I orient myself in the championship fast, and will be able to be Adam's respectable sidekick," told journalists a twenty-two old, Forman.

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