Lacko is Fit after China, Buggyra Hopes for German Triumph

- 1. 7. 2016, Nürburgring, Germany -

The European Race Truck Championship continues over the first July weekend at the legendary Nürburgring. The biggest attraction of the weekend will be the duel between the interim championship leader Adam Lacko and his greatest rival in the struggle for the champion title, the German trucker Jochen Hahn. The German circuit has been a symbol of success for Buggyra and so the team believes in the best results of the fourth racing weekend.

Although Adam returned from China with slightly broken health, having caught some cold there, he certainly did not regret the successful Chinese mission before the first culmination of the truck racing season at Nürburgring. "I paid for the Chinese obsession with air conditioning, the cold is quite unpleasant but I will arrive at Nürburgring all right again," says Adam adding that he does not see racing on the other side of the globe one week before the first climax of the European truck racing season non-tactical. "You can break your leg on a pavement at home in Prague if your fate wants. In addition racing in China is comfortable and at least I had something else to think about for a while. I did not race with such vigour as David there, I took it as a nice training session instead."

After return Adam checked his Buggyra which had meanwhile undergone the classical big service check. "They are part of any strong professional team and I can say I know Nürburgring quite well after all those years of racing. Although I am not prepared to improvise the engineers and mechanics and I have prepared a small surprise for this weekend, which we are not obviously going to reveal prematurely," he said.

Like in the previous years, a vigorous and maybe even mad attack of Jochen Hahn (MAN), triple European champion, from his current second interim rank, can be expected at Nürburgring this year again. "If I remember it well Jochen has recently approached the race at home quite aggressively but never with success. On the other hand I can imagine that return to the leading rank in front of his domestic fans is very tempting. I wonder what he will be up to this time."

After the first three racing weekends of the European Championship Jirka Forman keeps among the best ten, even with one sensational podium rank at Nogaro. Thus in Germany he can start with peace in mind. "I certainly very much look forward to Germany. I know it is the greatest race of the season but I believe in myself after Nogaro. This said I know it will not be easy, for the starting grid will include more than twenty trucks. But I also believe Adam and I will please the team," said Jirka before departure.

The double European Champion David Vršeckı won his very first cup race at Nürburgring in 2003. In the seasons 2007 - 2009 he obtained the prestigious title of Champion of Germany in the same place. "I hold the opinion that everything should be tried and a good pilot sees things through his own eyes. But at the same time he is open to perception of the reality and communication with the experienced," says the double European Champion and current leader of this year´s Race Truck Championship in China.

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