Lacko Struggles with Dominance of Domestic Truckers at Nürburgring. Silver Rank Results on Saturday

- 3. 7. 2016, Nürburgring, Germany -

The German Nürburgring enjoys a big truck holiday over the first school holiday weekend while the European Race Truck Championship continues with its fourth stage. Although Adam Lacko ranked second the domestic Jochen Hahn took over his interim leading rank away from him. The newcomer Jiøí Forman learns another hard truck racing lesson in Germany.

In the course of the first time practice taking place already on Friday Adam Lacko secured for himself the first row in the first cup race starting grid. In the competition of the twenty one trucks Jirka Forman did not manage to get among the best ten and started the first cup race form the sixth row. "The short version of Nürburgring is not easy at all and I did not have much chance to get acquainted with the route," maintained Jirka.

Nürburgring has traditionally been one of the races with the highest visitor rates, even if you include Formula 1, which was already confirmed by the fans on Saturday. Tens of thousands of enthusiasts gathered to cheer the domestic Jochen Hahn. Adam Lacko did not let them intimidate him by their cheers. After start the interim leader secured the second rank and tired to second Hahn. "Jochen´s truck goes a little better now. There is a long break between the races and so we will try to tune our Fat Fox a little. But I am certainly satisfied with the valuable score points," said Adam.

Jirka Forman fought in the middle of the starting field at least for the lowest scored rank, but did not brake enough for a curve and lost seven ranks. After that he still managed to accelerate and improved his rank to the final fifteenth. "This is a nice lesson to learn for me. Nürburgring does not pardon mistakes and I made one. And lost several ranks by that. Eventually I still managed to accelerate and move forward, though. The second race will be very difficult," said Jirka.

The start of the second race was interrupted by the red flags after a multiple collision at the entry to the third curve. The whole collision was started by René Reinert, who bumped to Hahn and then hit Adam Lacko. "I paid for the blow with damaged front wheel geometry. After restart I was no longer able to drive as quickly as I needed," said Adam, who finally ranked fourth, right below the podium ranks.

Jirka Forman´s rear left axle was hit and his tyre was damaged. "I drove the whole race with the defect and so I could not make use of the newly gathered experience as much as I would otherwise. It is a pity, for even if the competition is much harder here I was thinking of some score points, which I did not win after all today," said the slightly disappointed Jirka in early Saturday evening.

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