Lacko Wins a Tenth Race of this Season, Forman Leads a Race

- 4. 9. 2016, Most, CZE-

European trucks arrived at the North Bohemian race circuit in Most, visited together by nearly a hundred thousand fans over the weekend. Adam Lacko donated them one victory on Saturday and two silver ranks on Sunday. Jiří Forman drove for his first triumph in his career, but a broken brake disc killed his hopes for the final victorious rank. Saturday Both pilots of the Czech Buggyra Racing team had no problem getting to the Super Pole. Lacko had the second best lap time in the very first measured lap with the loss of mere one tenth of a second after the leading Jochen Hahn. Jiří Forman got the fourth row in the cup race starting grid. Jochen Hahn successfully defended his pole position for nearly eleven laps, leading the whole field. Adam Lacko attacked the German pilot in nearly every curve. “I was quicker almost everywhere but the Most circuit is narrow and you can hardly overtake a rival without him making a mistake,” said Adam Lacko after the race, having made use of Hahn´s mistake in the very last curve. “He opened it for me and I immediately used the chance. I engaged full steam and prayed for that to be sufficient. And it was!” exclaimed the happy Adam, winning by seventy-eight thousandths of a second! Jirka Forman had an excellent start, moving from the eighth position to the fifth rank, which he then lost in a duel with Reinert. “The atmosphere is fantastic here. I never before heard cheering audience in the cab. That was probably what inspired me and I drove at the brink of my capabilities,” said Jirka, who eventually moved up to the fifth rank after Janiec´s 30-second penalisation. The reversed order at the start of the second race promised a thrilling show. Lacko started excellently, moving from the eighth starting position to the fifth rank and beginning to chase the leading four. Smith, Reinert and Halm performed duels for the fans after which their vehicles looked like war trucks. “I do not understand why I received an admonishment for my duels with Hahn after the first race. What I could see in front of me now was something I had not seen before and nobody addressed that. What is important, though, is that I ended in front of Hanh and reduced his advantage by another point,” said Lacko, who ranked fourth in the finish with a loss of four thousandths after the third ranking Halm. The current loss of the Buggyra pilot after the leading Jochen Hahn is seven points. On the other hand, Forman did not manage the start very well and the result was seventh rank after the first curve, despite the third starting position. “I expected it to be hard. Janiec showed up again, for a second time this weekend, and hit me. Pity, but there is a new day tomorrow,” stated Forman. Sunday Super Pole was secured again by both Buggyra pilots on Sunday. While Adam Lacko advanced form the time practice with the second best lap time, Jiří Forman awaited behaviour of his rivals, ranking tenth. Pole position was again a sovereign achievement of Jochen Hahn, who beat the Czech pilot struggling with the German for the overall triumph by four tenths of a second. Forman achieved the eighth best lap time but after penalisation of René Reinert advanced one rank up. The audience on the crowded tribunes of the Most circuit watched the pre-start rush and setting the trucks for the wet surface. The reason was that an hour before start the first falling drops changed the circuit into an ice ring. “This will be difficult, nobody knows what to expect from this and unless more water falls down the road will be very slippery,“ was Adam Lacko´s answer to the question about his prognosis for the race asked by the Ministry of Regional Development Karla Šlechtová. Adam Lacko started as the second after Hahn. And this time the ranking remained unchanged. “I do not know Hahn´s setting but I drove at the limit and simply could not compete with him. Now we have time to do the setting but nobody knows whether and how heavily I will rain,” said Adam after passing the finish line as the second under stormy applause of the audience. Jiří Forman dropped to the tenth rank after the first two laps. But then he began to get used to the wet surface, eventually ranking eighth, which brought him the pole position for the second race of the day. “This was my first wet surface in my life and this was well demonstrated by my performance. At one moment we slowed down by up to fifteen seconds per lap. I am glad this resulted in the eighth rank and the pole position for the second race,” said Jirka, who enjoyed such a great support for domestic pilots for the first time in his life. After a show in which David Vršecký introduced himself to the audience in the Tatra Phoenix in a duel with the strong Porsche GT4, the other strong monsters lined up again for the last ace of the weekend. Jirka managed the start from the pole position well and after the opening double curve appeared in the lead of the whole starting field. He managed to gain a three-second advantage over the second Lenz but in the seventh lap him front left brake disc broke and the newcomer to Buggyra had to give it up. “I do not know what to say, this was a great disappointment for me which I will take long to overcome. But I would like to thank all fans and my team for the lovely weekend,” said Jirka with dissatisfaction. Adam Lacko started form the eighth position and immediately began to overtake one rival after another. Jochen Hahn drove in front of him, carefully watching what was happening behind his back. “That was a hard struggled second rank. I am satisfied with the weekend. I fulfilled my promise to win in front of the domestic audience already on Saturday. This weekend proved again that I and Hahn are equal and Hungary did not help up at all. I would like to thank all fans who arrived. The atmosphere they created was absolutely fantastic. To race in front of a crowd of people who push you forward every minute is always a fantastic feeling,“ said Lacko with satisfaction.

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