Silver Le Mans. Lacko and Buggyra European Vice Champions!

- 9. 10. 2016, Le Mans, France -

Adam Lacko and the BUGGYA Racing Team won the final second rank in the European Truck Racing Championship. Jiří Forman finally ranks tenth as the best newcomer of the season. Saturday The actors of the last racing weekend of this season of the European Truck Racing Championship held in Le Mans were welcomed by warm but cloudy weather. As usual Adam Lacko advanced to the Super Pole, while Jiří Forman failed that after the jury deleted his best lap time for hitting the skittles and ranked him fifteenth. In the following ten-minute super pole Adam obtained the second row in the starting grid. Adam Lacko responded excellently to the starting lights, better than Hahn and Kiss, but the zigzagging Hungarian remained in his way. All three of them entered the first double curve of the French circuit side by side. However, Adam was on the outside and in addition hit by the accelerating Reinert. “The start was very wild, suddenly I even had Brereton in front of me. I do not understand why Kiss blocked me, In addition he damaged my front axle geometry. I was glad I could at least keep the truck on the track. But another podium is excellent in this situation,” said the disappointed Lacko after the race. “I would like to thank Jochen for this year´s duels for the champion title, which I really enjoyed. Of course I also congratulate him. We have to analyze the whole season and better prepare for the next,” congratulated Adam Lacko, the successful defender of the vice champion title, to Hahn on his fourth European champion title. Jirka Forman started from the last row and had hard work in front of him. After start he advanced to the twelfth rank and after a while he already circled behind the back of another Czech pilot Frankie Vojtíšek. He eventually managed him as well and finally ranked ninth. “I am certainly satisfied for I started from the last row and enjoyed a nice race where I scored for the ninth rank, which is excellent,” said Forman after the race. The second race with the reversed starting order of the first eight trucks offered an interesting and above all long show. Ellen Lohr took the lead after start, attacked by Sascha Lenz. Both of them were however swept by the domestic pilot Anthony Janiec and the race was stopped after the first lap. At that time Adam ranked sixth. “The first start was successful, the second was not. Steffi hesitated in front of me and so I had to slow down and then the big blow came. First from Brereton and then another one from Hemming. The boys would have repaired it before the restart but there was no point in continuing in the demolition derby,” said Adam. Jirka Forman avoided all collisions and remained the only Czech pilot on the start. “Only half of us started the race again and one more dropped before the finish. I am above all glad I am all right in the finish. I will long remember this beastly race,” said the sixth-ranking Jirka in the finish. Sunday It was raining overnight at Le Mans and so the morning practice started on wet road. The Buggyra pilots liked that. Both of them advanced to the super pole and Adam Lacko obtained his eighth and last pole position in this season. “It was hard for the slippery bit was always in a different place. The more glad I am for managing to be the quickest,” said the happy Lacko. Jirka Forman ranked ninth with his lap time in the super pole. Despite the chilly weather the tribunes welcomed large numbers of fans. They were offered another thrilling race. Adam Lacko started well but in the first double curve he was overtaken by Norbert Kiss followed by Jochen Hahn. While the Hungarian had to give up the race for an engine defect, Hahn advanced for another victory. “After the first “S” curve I thought I would get out of the track. This setting will not be the best, I really had problems holding my truck on the road. In the morning on the wet surface our trucks worked much better,” said the second ranking Lacko in the finish, after successful defence of his rank against the attacking Reinert. Jiří Forman started from the ninth starting position and already ranked fifth after the second lap. Eventually he could not stand the pressure from Steffi Halm, who overtook the Czech pilot in the middle of the race. “I am absolutely satisfied with the result. In the second race I will try my last start from a front position. In addition ‘I will still fight with Lohr for the final ninth rank,” said Forman in the finish. The same Ellen Lohr started from the first row and took the lead after start. She managed to hold the leading rank until the last but one lap where she was overtaken by Steffi Halm. The two female pilots were accompanied to the podium by René Reinert. Adam Lacko ranked right below the podium ranks. “I am glad it is over. This weekend we worked hard on the chassis setting and did not find the optimum one. Our best was today´s qualification,“ said Lacko. The second rank of Ellen Lohr and the ninth rank of Jiří Forman gave the Czech pilot no chance for improvement of his overall rank. Even so Forman can enjoy an unofficial title of the quickest newcomer. “I am satisfied with my results in Le Mans. The circuit is very nice and I only regret I was unable to accelerate by one more second to enjoy the race even more. But the gained experience is certainly valuable,” said Forman. Adam Lacko successfully defended his last year´s silver rank in 2016. However, this year, for the first time in his career, he was trying to reach for the champion title. The points scored by Lacko and Forman helped the BUGGYRA Racing team to win the overall second rank in the Constructors´ Cup.

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