The activity the company ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPOT a.s. Hradec Králové is engaged in in the first instance in 2015 is carrying on the direction they set before: car circuit racing and karting. The company ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s. arranges and secures car drivers Michal Matějovský, Miroslav Forman and Jiří Forman’s racing and racing-related activities. At a time, the company is now working together with a racing driver, Václav Svoboda’s team, Svoboda Tatra Team, in the field of cross-country rally, likewise the they did in 2014. Co-operating with the team Buggyra International Racing System the company became involved in the Rally Dakar 2015, or the China Truck Racing Championship 2015 series.

This year, Michal Matějovský is taking part in all rounds of the FIA European Touring Car Cup 2015 in the Křenek Motorsport team’s livery. The aim Michal Matějovský has set himself is to retain the Vice-Champion of Europe title in his class, and to try to capture the Europe’s Champion title. At a time, he is the team Buggyra International Racing System’s test and replacement driver who enters the FIA European Truck Racing Cup (FIA ETRC 3013). He will participate in the final round of the China Truck Racing Championship 2015 (Beijing) with the team, likewise the driver Miroslav Forman, who will take part in all Chinese truck racing championship (Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing). The team’s drivers aim to gain experience in this Chinese series, and get as best results as possible in single races. Co-operating with Milan Šimák’s team MS Kart, Jiří Forman will take part in one of the European Superkart Series in 2015 to test a possibility to enter this series in the future after a racing gap.

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