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Dakar Rally 2016 Approaches

/15. 12. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ The Dakar Rally starts in a fortnight... Whereas technical equipment has already gone on a journey to the venue of the oncoming Dakar, a documentary on the team gearing themselves and their technical equipment towards the Dakar called Preparations before Dakar produced by the TV channel NOVA is on before Christmas in several repeats on TV station Nova SPORT1 and 2. See the TV timetable in the picture... read more

Pre-Xmas Meeting in Hotel VEBA Broumov

/11. 12. 2015, Essen, Germany/ In the Hotel VEBA in Broumov, the ground of one of Michal Matějovský's main partners, the company VEBA a.s. Broumov, a nice pre-Christmas meeting was held on Friday, 11th December 2015, to mark Michal's successful motoring season. At an auction that was held there his racing overall, he had worn on his winning mission across Europe in the FIA ETCC 2015 to finally capture the European Champion title, was auctioned... read more

Matějovský's Trophies Collection Added to by Golden Steering Wheel

/10. 12. 2015, Prague, CZE/ A racing driver, Michal Matějovský from Hradec Králové has been among the three top Czech racing drivers in a survey called Golden Steering Wheel for the third time. The prize giving ceremony took place in the TOP Hotel in Prague on 10th December 2015; the prize Golden Steering Wheel in the most prestigious journalists' survey, in the category "Car Circuit Racing", went to Michal. He had been awarded 190 points by... read more

Matějovský Displays FIA ETCC Trophies in Hradec Králové

/8. 12. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ Coming back to the Czech Republic after being presented the most prestigious FIA prize for performance in this year's ETCC series at the awards ceremony in the FIA ground in Paris, France, where European Champions had been named on Thursday, 3rd December, Michal Matějovský, the only awarded Czech, first made a stop at Senator, Professor Jaroslav Malý's office in Hradec Králové... read more

Křenek Motorsport Team at Essen Motor Show 2015

/6. 12. 2015, Essen, Germany/ One of the largest special displays in Europe, Essen Motor Show, featuring motorsports, tuning, motorsport competitions and everything that belongs to this discipline finished in a popular exhibition area in Essen, Germany, on Sunday, 6th December 2015. The exhibition hosted the Czech team Křenek Motorsport's stand again this year. Besides other exhibits, a new cup Octavia was on display there, which is now being... read more

Michal Matějovský Crowned Europe's Champion

/3. 12. 2015, Prague, CZE/ The gala-evening in Paris on Thursday topped the season of the FIA European Touring Car Cup. One of the key figures of that gala-evening held in the exhibition area within the PARIS MOTORCYCLE SHOW was a racing driver Michal Matějovský from Hradec Králové, who was presented a trophy for Champion of Europe, class 2000 TC2... read more

Matějovský Presented Czech Republic Autoclub Zlatá spona Prize

/28. 11. 2015, Prague, CZE/ Michal Matějovský has been the Motorsport Federation Autoclub of the Czech Republic prestigious award winner since Saturday, 28th November 2015. Handed out by Roman Ječmínek, the President of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic, the Zlatá spona award was given to this year's FIA ETCC champion for his enormous personal contribution to the Czech Republic motorsport development from the... read more

Matějovský Testing Fast Octavias

/27. 11. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ "Champion in the Role of Judge", is a headline in the specialist motoring magazine Svět motorů, (The World of Engines”) a special issue called AUTOTESTY (AUTOTESTS) devoted to Škoda Octavia and Škoda Octavia RS 230 testing on the racing circuit Sosnová, where just that "judge" was Michal Matějovský. It aimed to assess how new technical innovation in more powerful version RS 230 works... read more

Michal Matějovský Visits Exhibition FAST WHEELS in Lysá nad Labem

/15. 11. 2015, Lysá nad Labem, CZE/ A popular motor show called WHEELS and FAST WHEELS featuring a display of newly marketed vehicles and racing specials got off the ground in Lysá nad Labem last weekend. On Sunday, 15th November, Michal Matějovský showed his BMW 320si he had won this year’s European Touring Car Cup with in the Křenek Motorsport team’s livery. The show had attracted the public radio broadcaster, Czech... read more

In Most before Leaving for Dakar 2016

/14. 11. 2015, Most, CZE/ The team who are going on the famous endurance rally Dakar 2016 was presented by the Buggyra on the racing circuit in Most within the Most Rally Sprint. Spectators had the last opportunity to see truck specials that are soon leaving for the French port Le Havre: Tatra 815, Martin Kolomý’s ‘Fat Boy’, and Jaroslav Valtr’s new one, Phoenix, whose crew member will be a legendary driver Josef Kalina... read more

Michal Matějovský Is to Be Guest at Fast Wheels Show in Lysá nad Labem

/13. 11. 2015, Lysá nad Labem, CZE/ The exhibition area in the town of Lysá nad Labem is hosting the 20th WHEELS 2015, the car, motorbikes and accessories show that started on Friday, 13th November 2015. What traditionally holds attraction for visitors at the motor show is a display of racing specials and tuned cars called FAST WHEELS, where as many as seventy racing specials, including Michal Matějovský’s champion BMW... read more

Michal Matějovský's Successful Season in FIA ETCC

/30. 10. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ Now it is occurring opportunity to show a short team video documentary that recaps the FIA ETCC last round on the Sicilian circuit at Pergusa. The photo-gallery depicts all six rounds of the FIA ETCC. Michal Matějovský, who had captured the championship title, said after the season. "It's the third season I've taken part in the FIA ETCC in a BMW. I got more familiar with the car... read more

Svoboda Tatra Team Notching Up Win on Baja Deutschland

/26. 10. 2015, Pegau, Germany/ Another year of a popular German cross-country rally called Baja Deutschland, now held circa 30km south-eastward Leipzig, ended in the evening on Sunday, 25 October 2015. Two hundred crews in all categories had entered the competition; there were twenty-three truck crews, twelve of them were in the category over 7.5 tons, which is the one the Czech Svoboda Tatra Team competed in. Fairly... read more

Křenek Motorsport Team's Racing Drivers Taking Second Place

/15. 10. 2015, Pergusa, Italy/ The season of the expanding FIA ETCC ended at Pergusa, Italy, last weekend. The Křenek Motorsport team's racing drivers notched up four podium finishes during the weekend, but took also the podium finishes in the overall standings. ... read more

Michal Matějovský Capturing European Champion Win!

/11. 10. 2015, Pergusa, Italy/ Another tough FIA ETCC season has finished for Michal Matějovský. He ended the Year 2015 getting two second places that would entail the victory in Super 2000 TC2 class. However, the final on Sicily was not particularly easy for Matějovský. On Saturday, the Czech racing driver did not go on the track at Pergusa owing to that unlucky collision in the pit lane so started Qualifying on Sunday, unusual as... read more

Battle For Title Gets Thrilling

/10. 10. 2015, Pergusa, Italy/ The final round of the FIA ETCC is taking place on the Italian racing circuit at Pergusa now. Michal Matějovský, the Křenek Motorsport team's racing driver, is close to notch up a win in TC2 class. However, the last step is usually the hardest one. He could find it out himself in the morning when he had to put off two Free Tests and Free Practice due to capricious nature. A storm early in the morning had... read more

Michal Matějovský Is To Go For Fight-For-Title Ride

/7. 10. 2015, Hradec Kralove, CZE/ The FIA ETCC final-act curtain is slowly rising. Michal Matějovský is to fight decisive battle for the champion title in Super 2000 TC2 category on the Sicilian circuit Pergusa (also known as Enna-Pergusa). He is in a most excellent chance. Providing the final round was not double-point awarded he could start celebrating. Nevertheless, he must beware of his nearest rival, a Swiss driver Peter Rikli due... read more

Mission to China Is Success

/5. 10. 2015, Beijing, China/ Taking part in two races on the Goldenport Park Circuit in Beijing Czech pilots successfully completed their mission in China on Monday, 5th October 2015. The first place went to Martin Kolomý, Miroslav Forman stamped two third places he had got in previous races, the Buggyra team's test driver, Michal Matějovský's first double-race in the China Truck Racing Championship was a success, since he had... read more

Forman and Matějovský Do Not Fail In Qualifying in Beijing

/4. 10. 2015, Beijing, China/ Both racing drivers, Michal Matějovský and Miroslav Forman, representatives of the company ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s., and the Buggyra team's racing drivers are to be behind the steering wheels of racing trucks at the weekend. They are taking part in the China Truck Racing Championship 2015 held on the Goldenport Park Circuit situated close to Beijing... read more

Another Mission to China

/30. 9. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ Michal Matějovský is not going to idle away the time before the final round of the FIA ETCC held at Pergusa, Sicily, but to liven it up by an enjoyable experience. At the weekend, he is to enter another round of the truck racing championship in China: the China Truck Racing Championship 2015. Waving the Czech colours, also Miroslav Forman, Martin Kolomý and Jaroslav Valtr are taking part in it... read more

Famous Singer Josef Laufer Crossing Fingers For Michal

/26. 9. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ A singer, Josef Laufer, and a racing driver, Michal Matějovský met in person at a feast called "Třebešské posvícení" in Hradec Králové on 26th September 2015. Josef Laufer, who has experience in motorsports (he had taken part in off-road racing a few years ago), got a small present from Michal Matějovský: the team's jacket. Then he wished Michal good luck for the last round of the European Touring Car... read more

Matějovský Departs From Zolder Unbeaten

/20. 9. 2015, Zolder, Belgium/ Michal Matějovský notched up all victories in another round of the FIA European Touring Car Cup in category Super 2000 TC2 that had been possible to capture. Michal was wished good luck by a Czech EU commissioner, Věra Jourová, who had arrived from Brussels at the racing circuit at Zolder on Sunday morning. Matějovský had succeeded in Qualifying on Saturday, then in both Sunday's race, so scored... read more

Qualifying Comes Out Well for Matějovský

/19. 9. 2015, Zolder, Belgium/ Following in the good performance after Friday's free practice session during the important Qualifying on Saturday afternoon, Michal Matějovský had set the second fastest time 1:46.309 in the morning thirty-minute practice. However, the thing that was going to be the most important was the Qualifying in the afternoon, where Matějovský would win the Pole Position in class TC2 like he had in Hungary, Slovakia... read more

Matějovský Successfully Performs Free Practice on Circuit at Zolder

/18. 9. 2015, Zolder, Belgium/ Round 5 of the FIA ETCC 2015 began on the racing circuit at Zolder, Belgium, in the morning. Michal Matějovský benchmarked the fastest time in his category: "The weather's played a little trick today. Swinging up and down like seesaw; dry for a while then wet, yet Test 1 came off well. We'd employed setup from testing in August, and I set the fastest time in our category and the fourth best overall"... read more

Matějovský Aiming to Secure His Position

/17. 9. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ There is just last but one step Michal Matějovský needs to make to score triumph in the European Touring Car Cup. He is going to pit his strength against his rivals in Super 2000 TC2 category on the racing circuit at Zolder, Belgium, that is the fifth round in this year's racing calendar. The track, 4,011 metres in length has already hosted three rounds of Formula 1 Grand Prix, and an ETCC one in 2001. Michal... read more

Summing Rally Baja 300 Bohemia Up

/17. 9. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ During the first weekend in September, the Svoboda Tatra Team competed in the rally Baja 300 Bohemia held in the former military grounds in Milovice lying in the Nymburk environs. The team had been looking forward to the event pretty much, as the one of such a type was last organized in the Czech Republic in 2009. They were offered opportunity to showcase themselves to Czech fans there, and to test their... read more

Bronze in Shanghai Going To Forman

/14. 9. 2015, Shanghai, China/ Taking place on a racing circuit in Shanghai, China, The China Truck Racing Championship went on last weekend by Round 2. Even though the Czech racing drivers did not win now, unlike they had in the previous round, yet they were able to face tough competition. Miroslav Forman had opportunity to drive his truck on water since it was raining there. He was able to get used to it, so in the time practice session... read more

ETCC Brno Is Not Just Racing Cars

/13. 9. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ The FIA European Touring Car Cup round taking place in Brno is one out of six ones this European championship consists of. Racing drivers have entered four events so far. Besides Brno, also Hungary (Hungaroring, 3rd May), Slovakia (Slovakia Ring, 21st June) and France (Paul Ricard Circuit, 28th June) hosted the FIA ETCC events. Drivers are just about to take part in the racing weekend in Zolder, Belgium... read more

Camaro Leading Peloton

/10. 9. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ Just a few days have passed since Michal Matějovský arrived in Hradec Králové after the racing weekend in Brno to appear in a car on a circuit again, now on Thursday, 10th September 2015. However, it was not his BMW 320si but the team’s presentation car Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 he was leading the peloton in during a bicycle race called Elkov Grand Prix of Hradec Králové. "Cycling events have"... read more

Matějovský Listening to Czech National Anthem in Brno

/6. 9. 2015, Brno, CZE/ In Brno, Michal Matějovský notched up a precious double in the FIA ETCC series. There was nobody to beat him in Super 2000 TC2 class; he defeated his rivals by overwhelming margin. The Křenek Motorsport team’s pilot, who had pitted his strength against competitors in more powerful cars, won both races in his class on Sunday, so would strengthen his position in the championship. He started Sunday’s race... read more

Forman Among Ten Top-Placed Drivers Also on Sunday

/6. 9. 2015, Brno, CZE/ Taking part in the European Superkart Series on the Masaryk Circuit Jiří Forman did his debut race in the cockpit of a body-worked kart of the Superkart category. Although he had just limited experience in this discipline, he definitely did not disappoint anybody. He was among the ten top-placed drivers in both weekend’s races, which would come as genuine surprise. After an excellent fourth place he had... read more

Jiří Forman’s Successful Debut Racing in European Superkart Series

/5. 9. 2015, Brno, CZE/ Jiří Forman’s excellent debut performance in the European Superkart Series would come as great surprise for many visitors to the round held in Brno on 5th September 2015, since he was among the five top drivers out of the crowded field of European racing drivers in the Qualifying on Saturday. Later on, he sealed his good start in the Qualifying in the live start in the afternoon during a ten-lap race as... read more

Matějovský Winning Qualifying in Brno

/5. 9. 2015, Brno, CZE/ Michal Matějovský’s start to the FIA ETCC round in Brno was excellent. He set the fastest time in Super 2000 TC2 class in Qualifying and would get the seventh place in the Standings. He credited three points to his point account. The FIA ETCC programme on the Masaryk Circuit on Saturday also included three free practice sessions. "We’d had a bit of problem at the beginning due to understeering, which we eliminated,"... read more

Svoboda Tatra Team Is To Enter Baja 300 Bohemia

/4. 9. 2015, Milovice, CZE/ Václav Svoboda and Zdeněk Novák entered on Friday, 4th September, another prologue of the cross-country rally, now at a home venue within the Baja 300 Bohemia. They took the second place in the introductory stage; the first place went to the Suptitz Motorsport’s crew, Germany. However, the drivers have to go in another two stages across the rough off-road terrain lying in the town of Milovice surroundings... read more

Lull Before Brno’s Storm

/4. 9. 2015, Brno, CZE/ There are just a few hours before the FIA ETCC round held in Brno. The organizers were lucky to “cram” the programme just into two days therefore quietness is reigning on the Masaryk Circuit today. Only scrutineering and admin checks have been done, and selected drivers, including Michal Matějovský attended the press conference. Due to that, there is enough time left for taking into consideration technical matters... read more

Experience of Race from Mobile to Letter Box

/3. 9. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ Are you going on a trip or the FIA European Touring Car Cup round on the Masaryk Circuit in Brno? Then a an interesting application that allows great travelling experiences to be shared via on-line postcard may not go amiss... Česká pošta (Czech Post) will subsequently deliver the picture postcard to the entered address. The company Česká pošta a.s., one of the team’s partners, has... read more

Before Height of Season

/2. 9. 2015, Prague, CZE/ An informal meeting occurred in the CzechTourism agency’s Prague office on 2nd September 2015 where publicists talked to some of the racing drivers about the forthcoming racing weekend on the Masaryk Circuit in Brno, where the FIA European Touring Car Cup round takes place together with the European Superkart Series. Michal Matějovský is going to showcase himself in the FIA ETCC... read more

Matějovský Guest at TRANSPORT SHOW – TRUCK & BUS in Brno

/28. 8. 2015, Brno, CZE/ A unique show for road freight forwarders was held on the velodrome in Brno on Monday, 31st August. Among those who put their new products and accessories on display were: IVECO, DAF, SCANIA, MERCEDES BENZ, KÖGEL and KRONE. Also road transport service providers and goods manufactures or financing companies for forwarders appeared there. Also seminars took place there focused on road... read more

Matějovský Celebrating with Buggyra

/30. 8. 2015, Brno, CZE/ The Czech Truck Prix 2015, which is included in the FIA ETRC 2015, reached a peak on the circuit in Brno on 30th August 2015. Enjoying sunny weather for both days, enthusiastic fans were cheering but also came to see the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team’s new racing vehicle Tatra Phoenix debut. But what was the most glorious moment was a double podium finish, when Adam Lacko won... read more

Presentation Before FIA ETCC 2015 on Barum Czech Rally Zlín

/29. 8. 2015, Zlín, CZE/ Invited by the TV Eurosport channel, Michal Matějovský took part in the media event held on Saturday, 29th August 2015, which accompanied the popular Barum Czech Rally Zlín. The Rally has been among the most important motorsports events in the Czech Republic for years. The 45th Year attracted interest among keen fans as well as the media. Thousands of supporters come to the venue every year... read more

Jiří Forman Having a Try at Superkarts

/28. 8. 2015, Brno, CZE/ Another round of the FIA ETCC is held in Brno in a week’s time, and Michal Matějovský will try to defend his leading position in TC2 class. Within that forthcoming event also accompanying Superkarts races are in hand in Brno. Taking part in them is a current European Superkarts Champion, Adam Kout. He won the Champion of Europe title in Assen, the Netherlands, in August. It is just him who is Jiří Forman... read more

Matějovský Is to Meet Tomáš Kostka in Barumka

/28. 8. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ The 45th Year of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín that has been among the most prestigious events in the motorsports racing calendar in the Czech Republic is held this year. The tradition of this competition is closely linked to huge popularity that rally sport enjoys in the country. Thousands of enthusiastic motorsports fans set out for a journey to Zlín to watch the “Barumka” every year... read more

Winners of Simulator Races Competition Are To Visit European Championship Round

/19. 8. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ Held in the rooms of the company ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT in Hradec Králové on 19th August 2015 was a prize-giving ceremony, where the winners of a competition called "Compare Your Strength with Professionals While Racing in BMW Z4 GT3 on the Zolder Circuit" were presented with awards. The competition for the general public had been launched by the... read more

Testing on Belgian Zolder Circuit Matějovský Enters Second Half of Season

/13. 8. 2015, Zolder, Belgium/ The second half of the FIA ETCC 2015 season begins on the Autodrom in Brno in three weeks' time. Racing drivers in four categories, who have been competing on six European circuits this year, will start doing their bests to get European laurels. In a fortnight, they are setting off to the Zolder Circuit, Belgium, to take part in another round of the championship. That is why the Křenek... read more

Miroslav Forman and Martin Kolomý on Podium in China

/9. 8. 2015, Guangdong, China/ While the European truck racing is still gathering strength for the final rounds held in autumn, the circuit series called China Truck Racing 2015 has just started in China. The Chinese championship consists of three rounds taking place on racing circuits at Guangdong, Shanghai or Beijing. Last weekend, the one at Guangdong saw a slightly unusual but expert foursome: the Buggyra's racing... read more

Michal Matějovský and Václav Svoboda Motor-Gathering Guests at Airport in Broumov

/18. 7. 2015, Josefov, CZE/ During the last weekend, 17th - 19th July 2015, the airport in Broumov hosted another year of a popular bikers gathering called 'Motosraz Broumov 2015'. Those who visited the airport that time were hardly likely to be bored. They could enjoy an open-air concert of revival bands on Friday evening, on Saturday and Sunday, the programme consisted of many interesting performances... read more

Matějovský Field-Testing Also Military Technique in Josefov

/3. 7. 2015, Josefov, CZE/ The Svoboda Tatra Team's members and a driver, Václav Svoboda and his co-drivers Milan Drázda and Zdeněk Novák, tested their Dakar Tatra T 815 4x4 in the military exercising ground in Josef on 3rd July 2015. At that time there was the 8th Year of the Eastern-Bohemian Association of Military Technique Fans' gathering there. Michal Matějovský took advantage of that and enjoyed rides... read more

Photos FAST WHEELS 2015 on Display in Hradec Králové

/30. 6. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ Launched on Tuesday, 30th June, the exhibition showing photographs that depict motorsports is now on in the hall of The Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové, 4th Department of Internal Medicine - Haematology. The show is called FAST WHEELS 2015 and illustrates the car circuit racing via photos taken by four Czech and two documentary photographers, who cover both car circuit... read more

Another Good Weekend For Michal Matějovský

/28. 6. 2015, Paul Ricard, France/ Michal Matějovský won Round 3 of the FIA ETCC held on the French circuit Paul Ricard at Le Castellet. The Czech racing driver from the Křenek Motorsport team, Michal Matějovský, replicated his recent success he had notched up in Hungary and Slovakia getting a healthy dose of points in Le Castellet, France... read more

Third Qualifying Session, Third Pole Position for Michal Matějovský

/27. 6. 2015, Paul Ricard, France/ It is not been the entire week that has gone by since Round 2 of the FIA ETCC, and the third battle for precious points is on the programme now. What awaited Michal Matějovský and his teammate Petr Fulín on Friday early in the evening was one pleasant duty: the Czech racing drivers had notched up a win in The Nations' Cup in Slovakia, therefore were presented one more cup. Michal Matějovský... read more

Friday in France Saw Two Tests

/26. 6. 2015, Paul Ricard, France/ Held on the remarkable French circuit named after its founder, an eccentric beverage tycoon, Paul Ricard, were two one-hour Tests, which had been the first to test the quality and readiness of the racing drivers in the European Touring Car Cup. Not far from usual, there were two drivers from the Prague team, Křenek Motorsport, Petr Fulín and Michal Matějovský. ... read more

Coming Back From Slovakia Ring to Leave for French Riviera

/25. 6. 2015, Paul Ricard, France/ Just a couple of dozen hours has passed since the last round of the FIA ETCC was held, and the Křenek Motorsport team are setting off to the south of France, the Paul Ricard circuit, to take part in the fifth and sixth rounds of the European Touring Car Cup. The circuit, latest one used mostly for testing, first hosted the FIA ETCC last year. Whereas it rained heavily during the races held... read more

Matějovský Notching Up Handsome Win on Slovakia Ring

/20. 6. 2015, Slovakia Ring, Slovakia/ Michal Matějovský completed successfully Round 2 of the FIA ETCC held on the Slovakia Ring, Slovakia. He won everything he could during those three days. The Křenek Motorsport team's racing driver managed to win in TC2 category all sessions and races he had taken part in. He set the fastest time in Test 1 so did in Free Practice Sessions and Qualifying... read more

Matějovský Winning Pole Position on Slovakia Ring

/20. 6. 2015, Slovakia Ring, Slovakia/ This weekend, Michal Matějovský, the racing driver from the city of Hradec Králové, is fighting on the Slovakia Ring to get important points in the FIA ETCC. Events on Saturday were topped by Qualifying Session where the driver from the Křenek Motorsport team did an excellent job... read more

Matějovský Fastest in Friday's Test

/19. 6. 2015, Slovakia Ring, Slovakia/ The circuit Slovakia Ring, Slovakia, is providing the venue for both world and European motorsports events at the weekend. The championships that are held there are the FIA WTCC, and the FIA ETCC, the fourth time in row. Arriving at the point with the team yesterday to begin the programme of the racing weekend with tests, Michal Matějovský is to defend his previous excellent positions there... read more

Matějovský Is To Be Rushed Off His Feet

/17. 6. 2015, Prague, CZE/ After being a success in the FIA ETCC 2015 first round held in Hungary, Michal Matějovský is going to be rushed off his feet next fortnight taking part both in racing and travelling to venues ... First, it is the Slovakia Ring, Slovakia (19th - 21st June), then it will be all hands on deck to get everything ready for another racing weekend within the FIA ETCC, now... read more

Matějovský's BMW 320si on Display at Legends 2015 Show in Prague

/13. 6. 2015, Prague, CZE/ It is Formula 1 or German circuit championship DTM specials, famous Škoda racing cars or veteran cars that could visitors to the Legends 2015 show see over the second weekend in June in the Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice grounds. Among the exhibitors were the Křenek Motorsport team and Michal Matějovský, who presented this year's BMW 320si Micahl is leading the standings... read more

Matějovský in Brand New BMW

/11. 6. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ A week before leaving for another round of the FIA ETCC to the Slovakia Ring, Slovakia, Michal Matějovský visited the authorized room of a BMW dealer, the company STRATOS AUTO spol. s.r.o. (www.stratosauto.cz), to be given a new car: BMW 320xd. "I feel very happy we've enlisted cooperation and I'll be allowed to use the new BMW during the championship so represent... read more

Legends 2015 Now at Weekend!

/10. 6. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ The 2nd Year of the motorsport show called LEGENDS will feature both wonderful vehicles and great fast-wheel-world personalities. The one racing legends that is going to visit the Czech Republic's capital city, besides other giants of the motorsport, is John Haugland, Norway, but also Juho Hänninen, Finland, and Tomáš Enge showing the Czech flag. The wide range of the... read more

Matějovský Training Intensely for Another Race

/9. 6. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ The European Touring Car Cup season kicked off by Round 1 held on the Hungaroring, Hungary, early in May. The championship is scheduled to take place over six weekends, and has now one more round, therefore racing drivers will take part in twelve races in six European countries. It appears evident that it is going to be a heavy load for the body, which has to be as fine tuned... read more

Racing Simulator in Shopping Centre FUTURUM Hradec Králové

/3. 6. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ The company Aqua Pro Racing from Hradec Králové running a racing simulator (www.zavodni-simulator.cz) has decided to display it for a month in one of the busiest shopping centres in the city, the Futurum, lying in Brno Street in Hradec Králové, therefore, visitors are having opportunity to enjoy feelings that might be only experienced in a racing car or on a racing circuit... read more

Matějovský Winning Over Helicopter

/16. 5. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ The well-organised Rally Show and Autosalon Show 2015 & Helicopter Show 2015 held at the airport in Hradec Králové attracted twenty thousand visitors last weekend. The idea to organise car & helicopter race on a runway had just come from the combination of two shows. A winner of the race had not been foreseeable. Among the drivers at the start line was Michal Matějovský... read more

Matějovský, Kolomý and Svoboda at Rally Show in Hradec Králové

/8. 5. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ Fast cars and helicopters... a show on earth and in skies, a unique combination of two events: Helicopter Show and one of the biggest motor sporting events in Europe, Rally Show and Autosalon Show. They are held in Hradec Králové on 15th - 16th May. Among the Rally Show participants on the company ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT's stand will appear popular... read more

Michal Matějovský Capturing Two Victories in Season Opener

/3. 5. 2015, Hungaroring, Hungary/ The FIA ETCC kicked off on the Hungaroring, Hungary, at the first weekend in May. Fighting on the circuit close to Budapest was also the Křenek Motorsport team's driver Michal Matějovský who completely conquered TC2 class after he had won Race 1 on Sunday and got second one in Race 2 in TC2 class, so would be the winner of the weekend in overall... read more

Qualifying Session 1 Yields Matějovský First Pole Position This Year

/2. 5. 2015, Hungaroring, Hungary/ All today's battles on the Hungaroring have finished. While the first testing session in the morning was on the wet, the Qualifying in the afternoon was on the dry track. Times were similar to yesterday's ones in Test 1; Michal gained a comfortable win, second place went to Petr Rikli, Switzerland, who had lost two minutes to Matějovský... read more

Matějovský Best Driver in TC2 Category Practice Session on Friday, Hungaroring

/1. 5. 2015, Hungaroring, Hungary/ This season's championship FIA ETCC began on Hungaroring, Hungary, on Friday afternoon. First, there was 45-minute test session that proved the drives' conditions. Matějovský was the best driver in TC2 category beating all drivers going in TC2T high-performance cars... read more

Matějovský Heads For Hungaroring, FIA ETCC 2015 Round 1

/30. 4. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ It is the first time the Hungaroring has been included in the FIA ETCC racing calendar, therefore it a sort of an unknown. The racing track, 4,381m in length, has 16 turns and is known for fine sand that would cause unforeseen changes in positions in many races in the past. Michal Matějovský gave this track the first trial in the middle of April within the last pre-season testing... read more

Michal Matějovský and Václav Svoboda at AUTOMOTOSHOW Held in Pardubice

/25. 4. 2015, Pardubice, CZE/ An annual exhibition called AUTOMOTO SHOW & TRAVELLING and SPORTS was held in the TIPSPORT Arena, Pardubice, at the weekend of 25th-26th April 2015. Among organisers' guests were racing drivers Michal Matějovský, Křenek Motorsport team, and Václav Svoboda, Svoboda Tatra Team. Both of them presented their cars, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and... read more

Among Pupils with ‘Dakar’ Tatra

/18. 4. 2015, České Budějovice, CZE/ After 370 kilometres by road the Svoboda Tatra Team’s “Dakar” Tatra arrived in a new small town called Zliv lying in the České Budějovice region to talk to the local primary school pupils about racing, so fulfil one small boy’s dream. Children’s reaction to videos from rallies, illustration of a racing driver’s perfect gear, children taking part in talking, laugh, applause... read more

Matějovský Finished Pre-Season Training on Hungaroring

/17. 4. 2015, Hungaroring, Hungary/ On Friday, 17 April 2015, Michal Matějovský and the Křenek Motorsport team left for the final pre-season testing on the Hungaroring, Hungary, where the first round of the FIA ETCC is to be held in a fortnight’s time. Since it will take place in Hungary first in history, the data gained during Friday testing might be very precious. "We worked with telemetry and then"... read more

Jiří Forman Testing in Most Along With Vršecký and Lacko

/16. 4. 2015, Most, CZE/ The European truck elites have recently driven around the circuit in Most, Northern Bohemia. Also the two Czech drivers of the Buggyra International Racing System, David Vršecký and Adam Lacko were there, as well as a test pilot Jiří Forman. It is just a week before leaving for Valencia and the team members have no complaints as everything is perfectly working, so they are geared... read more

Svoboda Bringing Back Baja Drawsko Bronze Cup

/12. 4. 2015, Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland/ The Friday of 10th April 2015 was the first day out of a three-day off-road event called Carmont Baja Drawsko Pomorskie-Kalisz Pomorski entered by quad, motorbike, off-road car and truck crews, 85 in total. The race started in the afternoon with seven-km Stage 1 called Prologue. It was closed to Drawsko Pomorskie, on a former gravel-pit site, which is often called "Drawsko Dakar"... read more

Svoboda Tatra Team Is to Leave for Baja Drawsko

/9. 4. 2015, Broumov, CZE/ The Baja Drawsko Pomorskie-Kalisz Pomorski Rally in the northern Poland close to Szczecin begins on Friday, 10th April 2015. The Svoboda Tatra Team are leaving for the venue tonight. Thus the rally in Drawsko Pomorkie is about to open this year’s season of cross-country rallies in Poland, and also Off-Road Rallies within the FIA Central Europe Zone championship... read more

Matějovský Testing on Slovakia Ring

/8. 4. 2015, Slovakiaring, Slovakia/ Our southern neighbouring country hosts the FIA ETCC over the weekend on 20th – 21st June, therefore the test was aimed to try various sorts of adjustment that could be use at that June championship weekend. What the weather “arranged” for drivers was a wet track and temperatures of 8°C. Also a stiff wind blew therefore it was not easy to get optimal... read more

Slovene Anže Urbančič Winning RaceStar 2015

/6. 4. 2015, Slovakiaring, Slovakia/ Urbančič, Slovenia, as well as over 130 competitors had taken part in all eight disciplines on the Slovakia Ring during three final days (six-km run, physical test, knowledge test, simulator, interview, kart driving, slalom in a racing car Renault Twingo, a ride in a Suzuki Swift Cup along circuit). Notching up the highest number of points he won. The second place went to Tomáš... read more

Slovakia Ring Hosts RaceStar 2015

/5. 4. 2015, Slovakiaring, Slovakia/ Held on the Slovakia Ring, Slovakia, on Sunday, 5th April 2015, was the RaceStar (www.racestar.sk), motorsports contest final. The contest, which is organised by FAEvent-Concept and the Křenek Motorsport team, is an opportunity for anybody between the age of 14 and 25 who would like to be racing drivers. The contest organisers use "No matter how much money"... read more

The Press Conference in the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Opens Michal Matějovský’s Season

/1. 4. 2015, Prague, CZE/ Michal Matějovský, the 2014 FIA ETCC Vice-Champion, begins the coming season with some firsts: His racing car and suit will have the Czech Republic’s national colours; he will be supported by Senator Prof. Mudr. Jaroslav Malý CSc. on his way towards his dreamt-up title of the Champion of Europe; the ring finger of his left hand gripping the steering wheel... read more

Matějovský Fourth Victorious Sportsman in Hradec Králové Region This Year

/31. 3. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ On Tuesday, 31st March 2015, the winners of The Hradec Králové Region’s Most Successful Sportspeople of 2014 award were announced in the Congress Centre Aldis in Hradec Králové. Appearing at the top in a journalistic survey was a racing driver Michal Matějovský from Hradec Králové taking the fourth place in the most prestigious single trophy category... read more

Testing Dakar Special with Team’s Guests in Milovice

S hosty týmu na testování dakarského speciálu v Milovicích

/27. 3. 2015, Milovice, CZE/ Late in March, the team TATRA Buggyra Racing set out for a former military zone at Milovice to test their racing special Fat Boy first this year. Also the representatives of the company ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s., Stanislav Matějovský and Miroslav Forman, together with guests arrived there to take part in the testing. New pieces of knowledge will be... read more

Matějovský Is About To Enter Coming Season

/21. 3. 2015, Most, CZE/ The winter is virtually over and motorsports season kicks off in a while. Michal Matějovský will enter the season on a racing circuit in Hungary, Hungaroring. As it has been already announced, Michal is again going to work with the Křenek Motorsport, now for the third year in a row. As usual, he will go in a BMW 320si, class Super 2000 TC2 within the FIA European... read more

Second Place in Moroccan Tuareg Rally 2015 Going to Svoboda's Team

/14. 3. 2015, Ouarzazate, Morocco/ Bringing no big changes in the final ranking, the final stage, two hundred and forty kilometres in length, took the Tuareg Rally 2015 competitors from Zagora to Ouarzazate, and had mostly hard, gravel pistes, and no sand dunes. The Svoboda Tatra Team, Václav Svoboda, Zdeněk Novák, Milan Drázda, would notch up their first great success in an African rally... read more

Drama in Dunes of Erg Chegaga

/13. 3. 2015, Erg Chegaga-Zagora, Morocco/ Last but one stage of the Rally took competitors from Zagora to the area of sand dunes, Erg Chegaga, to the west from M'hamid. The stage really was onerous giving everybody hard times. Measuring 350km in length it was the longest one of the Tuareg Rally 2015. "The landscape here is a different one, as well as Erg Chegaga dunes... However, no less difficult"... read more

Václav Svoboda Receives Congratulations on Stage Victory

/12. 3. 2015, Zagora, Morocco/ Two hundred and fifty kilometres of mostly gravel pistes in dried river beds, but also dunes and sandy sections were what drivers were up on in Stage 5, the Stage that would take drivers from Merzouga back to Zagora. It would be lucky 250km for the Czech truck of the Svoboda Tatra Team. Everybody in the cab did have hard times on bumpy and tough rocky... read more

Tuareg Rally Stage 3 and 4 in Dunes of Erg Chebbi

/11. 3. 2015, Erg Chebbi, Morocco/ Tuesday's King's Stage as well as the one on Wednesday took place in magical sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. Eighty per cent of the Wednesday's stage route, 80km in length, lay just in the area of sand dunes, whereas on Tuesday, it was no fewer than eighty-five per cent of the 260-km King's Stage that led around the dunes. Unfortunately, Svoboda's truck had to be... read more

Stage 2 Takes Tuareg Rally to High Sand Dunes Plains

/9. 3. 2015, Merzouga, Morocco/ Stage 2 took drivers to large seas of high sand dunes close to Erg Chebbi, the place the Svoboda's team had already got familiar with in the OiLibya Rally of Morocco last year. The start of the stage on Monday took place in Zagora, and finished after about 260 kilometres close to a small village called Merzouga. Stage 2 was a mixture of terrains: fifty per cent... read more

Svoboda Tatra Team Finishing in Second Place after Tuareg Rally of Morocco Stage 1

/8. 3. 2015, Zagora, Morocco/ After nearly one-week journey from the Czech Republic to Morocco, the Svoboda Tatra Team led by Václav Svoboda arrived in Ouarzazate, southern-central Morocco, on Saturday, 7th March, where Stage 1 of the Tuareg Rally would start on Sunday, 8th March 2015. After a gap of two years, the Rally is held in Morocco again; there are new tracks in single... read more

Matějovský "Racing" at Radio Černá Hora Ball

/7. 3. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ Hold on Saturday, 7th March 2015, in the dancing halls of the cultural centre ALDIS Hradec Králové was the 22nd Ball of Radio Černá Hora. It holds no surprise that it was again a lovely event topping this year's ball season in Hradec Králové. The principal partner was now the company OlfinCar s.r.o. selling and servicing Škoda and Volkswagen cars in... read more

Michal Matějovský Giving Interview about Coming Season

/2. 3. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ Michal Matějovský has recently given the TV Nova Sport crew an interview that is to appear in the Fast Wheels (Rychlá kola) programme. The interview questions were about his plans for the forthcoming season. At the moment, everything is being geared towards the first race, FIA European Touring Car Cup 2015 Round 1 held on the Hungaroring, Hungary... read more

Matějovský Among Winners 2014 Hradec Králové Sportsman of the Year Survey

/25. 2. 2015, Hradec Králové, CZE/ Hradec Králové Philharmonic hall hosted the gala evening where the winners of The City of Hradec Králové Sportsman of the Year for 2014 survey were announced on Wednesday, 25th February 2015. Awards during the ceremony, which had started at 6 p.m., went to ten best sportspeople, three teams, and handicapped sportspeople; one celebrity was inducted into... read more

Svoboda's Tatra Is To Enter Season Fitted With New GyrTech Engine

/18. 2. 2015 Broumov, Meziměstí, CZE/ Snow is still covering the Broumov region, but the local Svoboda Tatra Team have nearly geared up for the forthcoming season. Their "Dakar" Tatra was fitted with a new engine GyrTech last week, now they are busy with final preparations for their first rally in this season. To while away the waiting time, the team's boss, Václav Svoboda, took part in the... read more

Looking Back on Dakar with Mirek Forman

/17. 1. - 13. 2. 2015, Buenos Aires - Prague/ From the DAKAR 2014 to the DAKAR 2015. While assessing the TATRA Buggyra Racing team's performance after the last year's Dakar I wrote in my account: "... thanks to all these, together with the experience gained in other motorsports competitions, and, naturally, the team's excellent performance they are in with a chance of success next year. However... read more

Kolomý Celebrates Success! He Gets among Elite at Dakar with FAT BOY

/17. 1. 2015 Buenos Aires, Argentina/ Great success for a small team! The TATRA Buggyra Racing Team and the crew of Martin Kolomý ranks among the elite ten in the truck category in this year ´s Dakar Rally. Although the team looked higher before the competition euphoria prevails in Buenos Aires. The last stage of Dakar Rally 2015 from Rosario to Buenos Aires was originally designed with 174 measured... read more

Taking Shortcut through Forest Kolomý Ranked Seventh

/16. 1. 2015 Rosario, Argentina/ In the last but one stage from Termas Rio Hondo to Rosario Martin Kolomý achieved excellent seventh rank with just a minimum loss after the winner of the stage. Not only the crew of Fat Boy found themselves off the track twice, but also the assistance vehicle of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team faced great trouble. Today the Dakar participants will cover the very last... read more

Kolomý ´s Chase from Thirteenth to Sixth Rank

/15. 1. 2015 Thermas de Río Hondo, Argentina/ In the eleventh stage Kolomý managed to utilise the potential of Tatra 815 Buggyra and accept the tempo of the quickest on the swift roads in Argentine. The result was sixth rank in the finish and support for the seventh overall rank. Today Kolomý wants to go even more quickly. The extremely quick stage from Salta to Thermas de Río Hondo was controlled by... read more

Martin Kolomý Still Taking Seventh Place after Drama and Trouble!

/14. 1. 2015, Salta, Argentina/ The piste surface and profile had been supposed to be tailor-made for both Tatra and Martin Kolomý. The first section of the Special Stage indicated that, indeed! However, soon petty problems occurred; Martin was finally happy to retain the seventh place in the overall rankings before tackling Van Vliet. Prior to the start of the Special Stage was nearly 400-km liasion... read more

Martin Kolomý Bettering His Position After Rest Day

/13. 1. 2015, Calama, Chile/ When Martin was joking about starting the Dakar only after the rest day he might have not been sure that his words would live right next day. He came seventh in today's very hard stage narrowing a margin over a Dutch driver Van Vliet one position ahead him by one hour. Having gained a comfortable lead he is now taking seventh place. Aleš Loprais got fifth place thus... read more

Rest Day on Dakar - Discussions and Meeting Up

/12. 1. 2015, Iquique, Chile/ Teams in the Dakar always welcome a day off when drivers or riders rest whereas mechanics have time to do repairs. It is also a day to join in discussions about next stages. As to the Tatra Buggyra Racing team, it was also a meeting- up day, since Czech drivers, Martin Kolomý, Aleš Loprais, Tomáš Vrátný and Martin Macík had got together in the team's base... read more

Dakar in Its Second Half, Martin Kolomý Is About to Begin!

/10. 1. 2015, Uyuni, Bolivie/ Two stages past Iquique, Chile, completed the first half of this year's Rally Dakar; pilots of trucks are having a day off tomorrow. However, the stages did put all crews to the test, as it was for the first time they had gone without their back-up teams. All was on the crews' shoulders! Showing his ability to fight in the area of sand dunes despite not feeling fine... read more

Kolomý Fights with Dunes and Prefers to Sleep in Exclusion

/10. 1. 2015, Uyuni, Bolivie/ The crew of Martin Kolomý was tormented by dunes of Atacama desert in yesterday ´s seventh stage of the Dakar Rally from Iquique to Uyuni. Despite that the TATRA Buggyra Racing team stayed on the overall ninth rank in the interim ranking with a minimum loss after the eighth rank. After a night in separation from the team Martin Kolomý and Kilián brothers return... read more

Kolomý Chases the Elite

/9. 1. 2015, Iquique, Chile/ Martin Kolomý pulled out all the stops for the sixth stage and his efforts paid back this time. His truck was seventh quickest in the truck category overall and the quickest Czech truck in the race. In the overall interim ranking the TATRA Buggyra Racing team also went up to the current ninth rank. Sixth stage was again controlled by the Kamaz make. This time also... read more

Kolomý ´s Furious Drive and FATBOY Upside Down, but Continuing

/8. 1. 2015, Antofagasta, Chile/ The fifth stage from Copiapo to Antofagasta brought bad luck to the crew of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team again. Martin Kolomý tried to make up for the loss of the previous day but his extremely risky driving did not pay back this time, as in the course of one of the overtaking manoeuvres his Tatra ended lying on a side. The Dakar extremes affect front runners and... read more

Kolomý is Furious, Has to Overtake Slow Trucks Due to a Hose

/7. 1. 2015, Copiapo, Chile/ At the second kilometre of the measured section of stage 4 of Dakar Rally the crew of Martin Kolomý had to repair a broken brake hose, which caused their drop down among slower trucks. Kolomý then had to work hard to overtake them, which only resulted in further time loss. Despite these problems the TATRA Buggyra Racing team remains at the leading ranks of the overall... read more

Kolomý Cuts Trees Again Ending 27 Seconds Below Second Overall Rank

/6. 1. 2015, Chillecito, Argentina/ The extremely difficult and demanding third stage in which Fat Boy again had to make its way through wild nature resulted in the sixth rank for the TATRA Buggyra Racing team. The tempo is mad, which is also seen in the loss of 27 seconds of Martin Kolomý, holding the overall fifth rank at the moment, behind the second ranking team. The third stage of the Dakar Rally... read more

Kolomý from Interim Third Rank Reports: We Have Hit a Tree and Continue at a Rapid Speed!

/5. 1. 2015, San Juan, Argentina/ The second stage of the Dakar Rally appeared to be extremely demanding, not only for its length and profile but also for the climatic conditions. Martin Kolomý Managed the traps on the route, even though in some parts it was really tight. The interim rank of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team after two stages of the competition is third. At the evening briefing the organizers... read more

After First Stage Kolomý Shares Third Rank

/4. 1. 2015, Villa Carlos Paz/ Dakar Rally has begun with a drama of the Czech TATRA Buggyra Racing team in the very first stage. Before Martin Kolomý finished the measured section ranking third the crew had to resolve not only technical issues but also problems on the route. Around noon in addition the accompanying vehicle with journalists got lost when the Iritract tracking and rescue system failed... read more

Kolomý on Stage Among Elites but Bound to Keep His Eyes Peeled

/3. 1. 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ The 37th Year of the Dakar Rally has been officially opened! All 414 crews including Martin Kolomý and the TATRA Buggyra Racing team's presented themselves in the streets of Buenos Aires on Saturday's evening, 3rd January 2015. A fortnight's marathon begins on Sunday, 4th January 2015, with initial 838 kilometres. The course... read more

Rubber-Stamped FATBOY Ready to Go! Kolomý Wished Good Luck by Ambassador

/2. 1. 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina/ After yesterday's administrative and technical formalities nothing is now keeping Martin Kolomý from taking part in the world's most difficult rally for the sixth time: the Dakar Rally 2015. The race special TATRA 815 BUGGYRA will be "locked" in parc fermé until the afternoon when it will be released to the centre of Buenos Aires, outside the presidential palace "La Casa... read more

Buggyra Celebrating New Year's Eve on Plane While Flying Off to Dakar

/1. 1. 2015, Prague, CZE/ After Christmas, the TATRA Buggyra Racing team had spent with their families, they started packing their luggage to leave for Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the 2015 Dakar Rally begins. Therefore, Martin Kolomý and the team celebrated the New Year's Eve above the Atlantic Ocean. The start of the Dakar has been linked to the New Year's arrival for years, but Martin... read more

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