Octavia Cup official testing event

Laura Hájková, at the Česká pojišťovna - Škoda Octavia Cup series' official testing event at the freshly refurbished Autodrom Most Circuit
- 28. 4. 2008, Most -

On Monday, 28 April 2008, the Česká pojišťovna - Škoda Octavia Cup series' promoter staged an official testing event at the Autodrom Most Circuit.

The cars, which had been overhauled after the last year of the series, were subjected to technical inspection. Afterwards, within the three-hour session, the drivers tested not only the set-up and new Dunlop tyres, but also the freshly refurbished track of the Autodrom Most Circuit. As almost all of the kerbs of the circuit had been replaced and a new tarmac surface had been provided, the optimum track changed. Consequently, lap times went up by more than one second in comparison with those of last year.

Our drivers made good use of the experience gathered in the numerous recent tests and gained an advantage over other teams of the series. For example, Tiki Ivoševič improved his lap time by three seconds as compared with last year. Dan Skalický also achieved fine, steady lap times. However, both of them were surpassed by Laura Hájková. And, Mateusz Lisowski, of Poland, was very fast too, and his lap time was even better than that of Laura. Petr Fulín tested not only his car, but also those of Michal Matějovský and Tadeáš Martínek. Moreover, he spent most of the time organizing the team's activities at the event. Despite that, he finished as one of the fastest drivers. 'This testing event has proved that our team's drivers are very fast. However, we must not relax our efforts. We should rather focus our attention on finding a method of dealing with the new tyres within the first five laps. That is, these Dunlop tyres take a rather long time to warm up and, until the working temperature is reached, they do not work properly,' Petr Fulín said after the tests.

Petr Fulín, with Michal Matějovský's car Mateusz Lisowski Tiki Ivoševič Daniel Skalický
Dan is analyzing his car's telemetry data after the drive



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