Visit to the 2008 ESSEN MOTOR SHOW

Racing drivers Tim Sandtler and Michal Matějovský met at the SANDTLER company's stand at the ESSEN MOTOR SHOW
- 7. 12. 2008, Essen, Germany -

For European motorists, the Essen Motor Show is the same feast as, for example, the specialized SEMA exhibition is for the Americans ('SEMA' stands for the Specialty Equipment Market Association). The Essen Motor Show is a major event, which is accompanied by a huge quantity of big projects, great figures and important names. This year, once again, the visitors could see virtually...

Matějovský among the fans of virtual racing

Michal Matějovský's SEAT car, ready for virtual racing events
- 5. 12. 2008, Hradec Králové -

The association forms the biggest grouping of fans of virtual racing not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the world. It has gained its good reputation and high appreciation owing to the high-quality support and services that it provides to its players. The origin of the 'world of on-line race car simulators' in the Czech Republic dates back to the year 1996...

Meeting the Maxim Magazine's editors at the Most circuit

Michal Matějovský and Maxim Magazine's editor Adam Maršál
- 21. 11. 2008, Most -

Although it is not a magazine for the elite, Maxim is not intended for everyone. This kind of resembles racing circuits, a challenge to many, conquered by few. Offering a perspective without time constraints, Maxim strictly distinguishes itself by its editorial policy: its editors only write about subjects they have themselves experienced. This was the reason of the visit of Maxim's editors...

Michal Matějovský took part in the new police car hand-over ceremony

Michal Matějovský, Karel Abraham, Jarek Janiš, and the President of the Police of the Czech Republic, Mr Oldřich Martinů
- 14. 11. 2008, Brno -

On Friday, 14 November 2008, at a ceremony held at the Brno Masaryk Circuit, the Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic, Mr Ivan Langer, and the President of the Police of the Czech Republic, Mr Oldřich Martinů, handed over 680 new cars to the Police of the Czech Republic. The total amount includes 500 Octavia cars of a police version, 100 Octavia cars of a standard version...

Michal Matějovský's autographing event at the exhibition of fast cars and motorcycles in Lysá nad Labem

Michal Matějovský, at the autographing event at the 2008 'Rychlá kola' motor show in Lysá nad Labem
- 2. 11. 2008, Lysá nad Labem -

Last weekend, the Town of Lysá nad Labem hosted another year of the 'Rychlá kola' motor show. Among the guests of this traditional exhibition of race cars and motorcycles was the SUNRED-BRT team's racing driver Michal Matějovský. His autographing event at this exhibition was attended by numerous motor sport fans who enjoyed the opportunity to meet him and listen to his experiences...

I was confident of Hamilton's success

Lewis Hamilton, after winning the McLaren Mercedes Yamaha Formula in 1997
- 3. 11. 2008, Hradec Králové -

It was with great thrill that Michal Matějovský, a great fan of the McLaren team, watched the final F1 race at Sao Paulo, Brazil. That is, Michal has personal ties to McLaren that date back to the period when he gained his first experience of racing circuits abroad. At that time, when he was ten years old, McLaren offered him the opportunity to try the driver's seat...

A positive experience, definitely

Petr Fulín
- 26. 10. 2008, Hockenheimring -

Last weekend, Petr Fulín took part in the final event of the Seat Leon Supercopa series, which took place at the Hockenheimring circuit in Germany, together with the DTM, Porsche Cup and F3 races. Our driver was to acquaint himself with the car and the track during the free practice. However, the car's electronic system failed and, after several pit stops, when the mechanics...

Petr Fulín to contest the final race of Germany's 'Seat Leon Supercopa' series

Petr Fulín
- 22. 10. 2008, Hradec Králové -

At the upcoming weekend, Petr Fulín is to take part in the final race of Germany's prestigious Seat Leon Supercopa. This series regularly complements weekend events which feature the very popular DTM, Porsche Carrera Cup, ADAC Formel Masters, Formula 3 and ADAC VW Polo Cup championship races. Every year, this final racing event at the Hockenheim circuit attracts an audience...

Autographing event at the 2008 Truckfest in Hradec Králové

During the autographing event at the ADIP company’s stand, Michal Matějovský also introduced a Porsche race car of the KplusK Motorsport team
- 14. 9. 2008, Hradec Králové -

Last weekend, the roar of heavy truck engines could be heard again at the airport of Hradec Králové as truck drivers with their fine-tuned, shining vehicles started arriving at the traditional Truckfest venue on Friday, 12 September 2008. This time, too, the main item of the program was an exhibition of trucks and their accessories. Besides, RC truck toys and models, both from this country and abroad...

Expression of thanks for the excellent representation

Mr Pavel Bradík, President of the Hradec Králové Region, and Michal Matějovský
- 23. 6. 2008, Hradec Králové -

On Monday, 23 June, Mr Pavel Bradík, President of the Hradec Králové Region, received the SUNRED BRT team's driver Michal Matějovský. Mr Pavel Bradík expressed his thanks to the 22-year old racing driver from Hradec Králové for his excellent representation of the Hradec Králové Region in the race of the World Touring Car Championship (FIA WTCC) at the Masaryk Circuit in Brno...

Michal Matějovský attended Marta Pohnerová's book launching ceremony

Pavel Bradík, President of the Hradec Králové Region, and Michal Matějovský, at Marta Pohnerová's book launching ceremony
- 17. 6. 2008, Hradec Králové -

Yesterday afternoon, a ceremony took place in the Public Library of the City of Hradec Králové to launch Marta Pohnerová's book 'Lidé, kteří vědí o čem mluví' (The men who now what they are talking about). This publication by the author based in Hradec Králové comprises interviews made with three prominent personalities of the Hradec Králové Region, that is, Mr Pavel Bradík...

Kubišta presented the brand-new team 'Scuderia C´EST LA VIE' at the FIA WTCC racing event

Šimon Kubišta, running second, just before the finish of the Sunday race of the Touring Car Championship at the Brno circuit
- 15. 6. 2008, Brno -

The FIA WTCC racing event in Brno saw the debut of a brand-new racing team, the Scuderia C´EST LA VIE. Racing driver Šimon Kubišta explained: 'We will take advantage of the team's Alfa Romeo 156 S 2000 and Alfa Romeo 147 GTA cars to contest, for example, the Touring Car Championship. At this WTCC racing event, we will take part in our debut racing event, the "Zdeněk Vojtěch Memorial" contest...

Michal Matějovský's autographing event at AUTOTEC 2008

Visitors to the AUTOTEC 2008 trade fair showed a lot of interest in the autographing event
- 7. 6. 2008, Brno -

On 4 - 8 June, the Brno Exhibition Centre staged another year of the international trade fair of utility vehicles, components and service tools and equipment, the AUTOTEC 2008 exhibition. Also taking part was one of our racing team's partners, the company PARAGAN s.r.o., a manufacturer of trailers, semi-trailers, special-purpose trailers and truck bodies...

Visit to the students of the Bohemia Hotel Management School

Michal Matějovský and students of the Bohemia Hotel Management School in the town of Chrudim
- 6. 6. 2008, Chrudim -

On Friday, 6 June, the SUNRED-BRT team's driver Michal Matějovský was invited to visit the Bohemia Hotel Management School's "2008 Garden Party" in the town of Chrudim. Supported by numerous companies, this event is periodically staged by the students towards the end of the school year. Enjoying the very agreeable, lovely atmosphere...

Another test series at the Most racing circuit

Šimon Kubišta in his Alfa Romeo 156 S 2000 car with a new paintwork, just before another test drive
- 6. 5. 2008, Most -

The team's drivers are working hard to prepare for the forthcoming races. That is, next weekend, a race of the DMW Tourenwagen Challenge series will take place on the refurbished track of the Most racing circuit, and, a week later, from 16 May to 18 May 2008, another two racing events are held, i.e., a race of the International Racing Circuit Championship of the Czech Republic and a race...

Meeting with Mr Pavel Bradík, President of the Hradec Králové Region

Mr Pavel Bradík, President of the Region, wished Michal Matějovský every success in the upcoming season at Europe's circuits
- 17. 4. 2008, Hradec Králové -

On Thursday, 17 April 2008, Mr Pavel Bradík, President of the Region, met racing driver Michal Matějovský. This nice meeting took place in the new building of the Regional Authority of the Hradec Králové Region, and Michal Matějovský, on that occasion, informed Mr Pavel Bradík about the team's plans for this year. 'This was really an informal meeting. Mr Bradík was particularly interested...

Laura Hájková took part in an autographing event at the company Autoprofi&Matějovský in Jaroměř

Laura Hájková took part in the traditional Open Day event at the Autoprofi&Matějovský company's headquarters in Jaroměř
- 12. 4. 2008, Jaroměř -

Young racing driver Laura Hájková attended an 'Open Day' event held at the company Autoprofi & Matějovský in Jaroměř on Saturday, 12 April 2008. At this year of the event, too, the visitors could see some of the race cars that have been entered for the upcoming Česká pojišťovna Škoda Octavia Cup racing circuit championship. Laura Hájková, who will contest the Škoda Octavia Cup series...

Michal Matějovský will appear in the '102 oktanů' motor-sport programme episode made at the Špindlerův Mlýn

Michal Matějovský, in the course of the shooting of the '102 oktanů' motor-sport programme episode at Špindlerův Mlýn
- 4. 4. 2008, Špindlerův Mlýn -

On Friday, Michal Matějovský managed to spend some time in the 'Špindlerův Mlýn' holiday resort, just before the last snow melts away. Next week, however, he is leaving for Spain to undertake the first tests with the new SEAT car. The interesting event in the beautiful mountain area was staged by the authors of the well-known '102 oktanů' motor sport TV programme, who invited Michal...

Matějovský startuje v prestižním SEAT Leon Eurocupu s podporou BRT

Michal Matějovský s vozem SEAT León během testů na německém okruhu Hockenheimring
- 2. 4. 2008, Hradec Králové -

Michal Matějovský bude v letošní sezóně startovat v prestižním SEAT Leon Eurocupu a v šesti podnicích na evropských okruzích bude bojovat o přední příčky. Pojede v barvách týmu SUNRED BRT. Právě v nedávných dnech byly dojednány poslední podrobnosti a Matějovský se bude atraktivní série účastnit s podporou známého českého Bohemia Racing Teamu. "SEAT Leon Eurocup 2008 bude rozhodně prestižní okruhový seriál s velmi silnou konkurencí...

The ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s. company's projects for the year 2008

Meeting with journalists in the Ambassador Hotel, Prague
- 2. 4. 2008, Hradec Králové -

The company's management lead by the general manager Stanislav Matějovský presented the company's main projects for the year 2008 at a meeting with journalists held in the Ambassador Hotel, Prague, on Wednesday, 2 April 2008. For a rather long period of time, the activities of the company ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s. Hradec Králové have focused on circuit racing, particularly, on circuit races for cars...

The VEKRA CSMS Racing Team is performing another test series

View of the VEKRA-ČSMS Racing Team's race cars at the testing event at the Lausitzring circuit in Germany
- 31. 3. 2008, Lausitzring, Germany -

The VEKRA-CSMS Racing Team's large line-up undertook another test series, this time at the Lausitzring circuit in Germany. This testing event was also attended by Michal Matějovský. On the first day of the three-day testing event, he explained: 'Due to the tests with the SEAT cars at the Oschersleben circuit, I was not able to take part in the team's previous testing event in Poznań two weeks ago.'...

Michal Matějovský: from New Zealand directly to racing circuits

Michal Matějovský, in the pits of the Oschersleben circuit, at the testing with the SEAT car
- 20. 3. 2008, Hradec Králové, Oschersleben -

After many hours of flight from Auckland, New Zealand, and after a few changes of planes with stopovers at airports, Michal Matějovský finally arrived in Prague last weekend. To his great surprise, after the several-month stay on the opposite side of the globe, he returned from summer weather directly into freezing winter conditions, which we were experiencing in this country at that time...

Jiří Forman's preparations for this year's season take place abroad

Jirka Forman, at the PFI circuit in England, for the first time with the MS Kart machine
- 19. 3. 2008, Lonato, Prague -

In the past two months, the young kart driver Jirka Forman took part in numerous testing events and winter-period races, which were particularly held at the PF International circuit near Newark (Lincolnshire, England). Jiří Forman contested there the KF 1/2/3 category of the Winter Series races (for more information please go to From 20 January, Jirka Forman has been gathering experience....

Winter conditions at the testing in Poznań

Petr Fulín, with the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA car, in the course of the tests at the Poznań circuit
- 18. 3. 2008, Poznań, Poland -

At the beginning of last week, the VEKRA-CSMS Racing Team undertook another test series, this time at the circuit in Poznań, in southern Poland. The warm weather towards the end of the winter period suggested almost ideal testing conditions. However, the opposite was true. The temperature slightly below the freezing point, strong wind, and snow in the air - this was the actual situation in Poznań...

Forman to defend title with AUDI A4 ST

Miroslav Forman
- 4. 3. 2008, Hradec Králové, Tlumačov -

Miroslav Forman, Champion of the Czech Republic, will defend his title in the 2000cc category of Division 4 of the 2007 Racing Circuit Championship of the Czech Republic under the colours of the CSMS team this year. To implement this project, the company ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s. is cooperating with the K2 Rally Team ( This experienced team, based in the town of Tlumačov...

Unlucky race in the Netherlands

The Alfa Romeo 147 GTA in the pits
- 3. 3. 2008, Zandvoort, Netherlands -

The last racing event of the Dutch Winter Endurance Series, held last weekend at Zandvoort in the Netherlands, was the Vekra - CSMS Racing Team's debut race. That is, the team, for the first time, made use of its racing licence issued for the "Vekra - CSMS Racing Team". The team's drivers Tadeáš Martínek and Petr Fulín had been entered for the four-hour race with the well-tried Alfa Romeo 147 GTA car...

Michal Matějovský is finishing his winter training in New Zealand

Michal Matějovský, jogging on a beach near Auckland
- 3. 3. 2008, Auckland, New Zealand -

Within the second half of March, the Československý Motorsport team's driver Michal Matějovský will come back from his winter-period fitness training in New Zealand. So, after more than two months in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, Michal will resume his obligations of a racing driver. Michal does not have time to waste in New Zealand. He attends a language school and studies several hours a day...


- 29. 2. 2008, Hradec Králové -

The company ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s. and the young, ambitious Vekra Racing Team will cooperate, under the common name 'Vekra CSMS Racing Team', in organizing certain sports projects and client events. 'We have been working together with the Vekra Racing Team for a longer period of time. This year, our activities have developed into an active alliance, which will allow us to cooperate...

Another race of the Winter Series took place at Assen

Miroslav Forman with the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA on the track at Assen
- 3. 2. 2008, Assen, Netherlands -

Last weekend, Miroslav Forman, Šimon Kubišta, Stanislav Lepka and Radek Bareš, with an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA car, took part in a racing event of the well-known Dutch Winter Endurance Series. They were the only drivers from the Czech Republic to contest the four-hour race at the 4,550m racing circuit near Assen (, in the northern part of the Netherlands...

The new season is coming near

The company' workshops
- 29. 1. 2008, Hradec Králové -

Preparations for the new season are culminating and intense works are in progress at the ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s. company's workshops in Hradec Králové as the race cars are being adjusted for the upcoming racing events. The company's cars will contest not only the prestigious Česká pojišťovna Škoda Octavia Cup series, but also the races of the International Championship of the Czech Republic...



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