Just two points from the Championship Title, despite the biggest score

Petr Fulín, Česká pojišťovna Škoda Octavia Cup, Brno, 19.-21.9.2008
- 21. 9. 2008, Brno -

Petr Fulín came second in the overall standings of the Octavia Cup series, having missed the title by just two points Despite the fact that the promoter's press release had taken into account various eventualities for the series' last racing event at the Brno circuit, the actual results and their impact on the final standings of the Česká pojišťovna - Škoda Octavia Cup surprised everyone...

Despite the troubles with the car, Petr Fulín defended his lead in the Octavia Cup series

Full speed ahead, despite the smoke
- 31. 8. 2008, Most -

Before setting out for the penultimate racing event of the Octavia Cup racing series, the VEKRA-ČSMS Racing Team had set their objectives. That is, they were determined to defend the lead in the standings of individual drivers, and, moreover, they intended to speed up, as a whole team. 'We knew that the performance of our rivals would improve, and so we paid maximum attention to our preparation...'

After Race 6, Petr Fulín took the lead of the Octavia Cup series

Petr Fulín is glad after winning the race at the Most circuit
- 10. 8. 2008, Most -

The third round of the Octavia Cup series was orchestrated solely by one conductor, Petr Fulín, who was backed up by his VEKRA-ČSMS orchestra featuring the following members of the staff: Dan Skalický, Laura Hájková, and Tiki Ivoševič. The Česká pojišťovna Škoda Octavia Cup series' contestants met after a longer break at the Most circuit, a technically demanding track, which poses a great challenge...

Bad luck set in at the ČP-ŠOC racing event in Brno

Tadeáš Martínek, on the starting grid of the ČP-ŠOC race in Brno
- 15. 6. 2008, Brno -

New tarmac, sunny weather and fantastic audience: these were the conditions at the Brno racing circuit at the beginning of the second racing event of this year of the Česká pojišťovna - Škoda Octavia Cup series. The VEKRA - ČSMS Racing Team arrived at full strength. The team's six drivers, that is, Petr Fulín, Mateusz Lisowski, Daniel Skalický, Laura Hájková, Tadeáš Martínek and Tiki Ivoševič...

The VEKRA-CSMS Team's gold medal weekend at the Most circuit

Petr Fulín won this year's opening race of the ČPŠOC series at the Most circuit, with Mateusz Lisowski in third
- 16. - 18. 5. 2008, Most -

Last weekend, the Autodrom Most circuit saw the opening event of the Česká pojišťovna - Škoda Octavia Cup series. The VEKRA - CSMS Racing Team's six drivers contested the event in a good mood, with self-confidence boosted by the intense spring preparation. Throughout the Friday practice sessions, all the participating drivers were setting lap times within a very tight range...

Another test series at the Most racing circuit

Šimon Kubišta in his Alfa Romeo 156 S 2000 car with a new paintwork, just before another test drive
- 6. 5. 2008, Most -

The team's drivers are working hard to prepare for the forthcoming races. That is, next weekend, a race of the DMW Tourenwagen Challenge series will take place on the refurbished track of the Most racing circuit, and, a week later, from 16 May to 18 May 2008, another two racing events are held, i.e., a race of the International Racing Circuit Championship of the Czech Republic and a race...

Octavia Cup official testing event

Laura Hájková, at the Česká pojišťovna - Škoda Octavia Cup series' official testing event at the freshly refurbished Autodrom Most Circuit
- 28. 4. 2008, Most -

On Monday, 28 April 2008, the Česká pojišťovna - Škoda Octavia Cup series' promoter staged an official testing event at the Autodrom Most Circuit. The cars, which had been overhauled after the last year of the series, were subjected to technical inspection. Afterwards, within the three-hour session, the drivers tested not only the set-up and new Dunlop tyres, but also the freshly refurbished track of the Autodrom...

Meeting with Mr Pavel Bradík, President of the Hradec Králové Region

Mr Pavel Bradík, President of the Region, wished Michal Matějovský every success in the upcoming season at Europe's circuits
- 17. 4. 2008, Hradec Králové -

On Thursday, 17 April 2008, Mr Pavel Bradík, President of the Region, met racing driver Michal Matějovský. This nice meeting took place in the new building of the Regional Authority of the Hradec Králové Region, and Michal Matějovský, on that occasion, informed Mr Pavel Bradík about the team's plans for this year. 'This was really an informal meeting. Mr Bradík was particularly interested...

Laura Hájková took part in an autographing event at the company Autoprofi&Matějovský in Jaroměř

Laura Hájková took part in the traditional Open Day event at the Autoprofi&Matějovský company's headquarters in Jaroměř
- 12. 4. 2008, Jaroměř -

Young racing driver Laura Hájková attended an 'Open Day' event held at the company Autoprofi & Matějovský in Jaroměř on Saturday, 12 April 2008. At this year of the event, too, the visitors could see some of the race cars that have been entered for the upcoming Česká pojišťovna Škoda Octavia Cup racing circuit championship. Laura Hájková, who will contest the Škoda Octavia Cup series...

The ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s. company's projects for the year 2008

Meeting with journalists in the Ambassador Hotel, Prague
- 2. 4. 2008, Hradec Králové -

The company's management lead by the general manager Stanislav Matějovský presented the company's main projects for the year 2008 at a meeting with journalists held in the Ambassador Hotel, Prague, on Wednesday, 2 April 2008. For a rather long period of time, the activities of the company ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s. Hradec Králové have focused on circuit racing, particularly, on circuit races for cars...

The VEKRA CSMS Racing Team is performing another test series

View of the VEKRA-ČSMS Racing Team's race cars at the testing event at the Lausitzring circuit in Germany
- 31. 3. 2008, Lausitzring, Germany -

The VEKRA-CSMS Racing Team's large line-up undertook another test series, this time at the Lausitzring circuit in Germany. This testing event was also attended by Michal Matějovský. On the first day of the three-day testing event, he explained: 'Due to the tests with the SEAT cars at the Oschersleben circuit, I was not able to take part in the team's previous testing event in Poznań two weeks ago.'...

The new season is coming near

The company' workshops
- 29. 1. 2008, Hradec Králové -

Preparations for the new season are culminating and intense works are in progress at the ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s. company's workshops in Hradec Králové as the race cars are being adjusted for the upcoming racing events. The company's cars will contest not only the prestigious Česká pojišťovna Škoda Octavia Cup series, but also the races of the International Championship of the Czech Republic...



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