DMV Tourenwagen Challenge: The VEKRA-ČSMS Racing Team's battle for podium positions at Oschersleben

Petr Fulín in german Oschersleben Petr introduced a helmet with new design Before the start of the race Pink Octavia car of Laura Hájková Petr Fulín won in his class, Laura Hájková got 3rd place Daniel Skalický showed fantastic performance Laura brought from Germany two trophies for two 3rd places There was a jolly atmosphere in the team after succesful weekend

DMV Tourenwagen Challenge

Laura feels good The battle The battle The battle The battle The battle Tandem Vivat Vekra

Another racing event of the DMV Tourenwagen Challenge series

Šimon Kubišta celebrated his birthday in the course of the weekend racing event Šimon Kubišta's Alfa Romeo 156 S 2000 Laura Hájková, on the starting grid before the race at the Most circuit Tadeáš Martínek with his Octavia car Petr Fulín, with the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Petr Fulín, before the start Laura Hájková Tadeáš Martínek Adjusting Petr's racing outfit (a photograph from the VEKRA-CSMS Racing Team's pits) Refreshment comes in handy on a hot day Podium ceremony of the first race: Petr Fulín, first, and Laura Hájková, third Šimon Kubišta claimed the third place in the second race

Another test series at the Most racing circuit

Dušan Kouřil with AUDI A4 ST car Šimon Kubišta, shortly after a test drive Stanislav Lepka at the testing event at the Most circuit Petr Fulín is talking to Mr Karel Kubů, of the KplusK Motosport team Petr Fulín tested Michal Matějovský's Octavia Cup car again Mateusz Lisowski, of Poland, is getting ready for a test drive Miroslav Forman's car, being prepared for a test drive Šimon Kubišta and Petr Fulín, in the course of the testing at the Most racing circuit

VEKRA-ČSMS Racing Team achieved great success at the opening race of the Tourenwagen Challenge

The new design of Laura's car met with great success in Germany Šimon, shortly after winning the qualifying Tadeáš, at the home straight A thrilling battle fought by Dan and Laura As always, the mechanics did a fine job Video recordings are always discussed between sessions Drivers Šimon Kubišta and Radek Bareš, whose duel attracted great attention in the second race Laura was not the only person who enjoyed the stay in Germany

The ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s. company's projects for the year 2008

The ČSMS company's protagonists, racing drivers Michal Matějovský and Jiří Forman, at the meeting with journalists in the Ambassador Hotel, Prague Michal Matějovský is answering the questions of journalist Karel Malina Joan Orús (SUNRED) and Stanislav Matějovský (CSMS) are signing the contract for the year 2008 in Barcelona (Martorell) The SUNRED company's workshops with the SEAT race car being prepared for Michal Matějovský (his is the more distant car)



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