DMV Tourenwagen Challenge: The VEKRA-ČSMS Racing Team's battle for podium positions at Oschersleben

Laura Hájková and Petr Fulín with their trophies
- 13. 7. 2008, Oschersleben, Germany -

Another racing event of the DMV Tourenwagen Challenge international series took place at Oschersleben, Germany, with the VEKRA-ČSMS Racing Team prepared, as always, to contest the victory. Petr Fulín and Daniel Skalický were taking turns at the wheel of an Alfa 147, while Laura Hájková was at the wheel of her pink-painted Octavia Cup car. All of them were determined to win recognition for the VEKRA - ČSMS team. Petr had always managed very well at Oschersleben, and so he was expecting a fine result. Laura wanted to continue the series of her previous excellent achievements.

The qualifying for Race 1 could have ended in better results for the team, however, Petr and Laura came third and fifth respectively, which suggested a thrilling race. Their gap to the leading drivers was very small, and so we believed that they would be able to take full advantage of their skills to contest the podium spots. The qualifying for Race 2 was affected by a technical trouble with our cars, yet the results were not bad, as Laura came third and Dan was fifth, that is, the Alfa and Octavia cars switched their positions.

In Race 1, both Petr and Laura, after making a good start, retained their positions and started overtaking their rivals. Petr undertook several fierce battles with the cars of the more powerful categories. Laura, too, had to deal with those vehicles, of which one even blocked her way in a rather unfair manner. Despite that, the two drivers managed to move up from their positions from the qualifying. In the end, Petr came first in his category, with Laura in third. Needless to say that the two drivers and the team were delighted.

Race 2 proved to be a very tough one. Dan, from the fifth place, moved up and drew level with the leading drivers of the category. His rivals, however, did not give up and so we could see thrilling battles and overtaking manoeuvres that approached the limits of the cars' parameters. The driver of the "Scuderia C´EST LA VIE" sometimes even went beyond these limits. The spectators will probably forever retain the moment when he was being overtaken in a cloud of blue smoke, the wheels of his car locked. Dan managed to safe this dangerous situation, preventing a collision. The battle of the three leading cars really was fantastic, and everyone wished Dan victory. Unfortunately, after yellow flags had been put out, Dan's car was hit by one of his rivals in Turn 1, and all hopes were dashed, as he had to retire from the race. So, it was Laura who assumed the sole responsibility. After fierce battles fought throughout the entire race, she claimed a fine third place.

Our team did not fall behind in the face of great competition. It only remains for us to invite you to the next event of the Octavia Cup series, which takes place in four weeks' time.

Petr Fulín in german Oschersleben Petr introduced a helmet with new design Before the start of the race Pink Octavia car of Laura Hájková Petr Fulín won in his class, Laura Hájková got 3rd place Daniel Skalický showed fantastic performance Laura brought from Germany two trophies for two 3rd places There was a jolly atmosphere in the team after succesful weekend



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