Before leaving for Barcelona, Michal Matějovský met with the SEAT ČR company's representatives

Mr Petr Táborský handed the keys of the SEAT car to Michal Matějovský
- 21. 4. 2008, Prague -

Last week, on Tuesday, Michal Matějovský returned from Spain, yet he is leaving again. This time, he is to take part in the official testing before the brand-new SEAT León Eurocup series' opening race, which takes place on 18 May, in Valencia, Spain.

'We are just leaving for Valencia, where the first official testing of the SEAT León Eurocup series will be held on 25 April. For the first time I will meet there the drivers from countries across Europe who are to take part in this new European racing series. We are leaving today, this time with the new SEAT León car from the company IVG,' explained Michal Matějovský in Prague after he said goodbye to Mr Petr Táborský, head of the SEAT Division of the company Import Volkswagen Group s.r.o. (IVG). Mr Táborský wished the SUNRED-BRT team's driver Michal Matějovský every success in the forthcoming season and handed to him the keys of the SEAT car, which the company IVG lent to him for this season.

Mr Petr Táborský and Michal Matějovský The SEAT León car for Michal Matějovský The SEAT León car for Michal Matějovský Discussion before the departure



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