Matějovský tested his car at Calafat again

Michal Matějovský, in the course of the tests at the Calafat circuit, Spain
- 8. 5. 2008, Calafat, Spain -

Attended by Michal Matějovský and his two team-mates, Oscar Nogues, of Spain, and James Nash, of England, the last testing event before the SEAT León Eurocup series' opening race took place on Thursday, in optimum weather conditions. Each of the three drivers particularly concentrated on the optimization of his car's set-up before the upcoming racing event at Valencia.

Michal Matějovský was optimistic after the testing at Calafat. He revealed: 'We were testing different chassis set-up versions. Everything was running well, and I kept improving my lap times.' However, in a week's time at Valencia, he will face more than thirty drivers from numerous European countries (a list of the contestants is attached to this article). On Friday morning, the drivers will attend the briefing. Afterwards, each of them will take part in a free practice session. The first cup race will be held on Saturday, 17 May, the second one, on Sunday, 18 May; each of the two races is scheduled for the time shortly after the noon. Spectators will be able to watch all the major events of the entire WTCC racing weekend in Valencia on Eurosport TV, in a comprehensive program of live broadcasts and TV recordings.

Also attached to this article is a detailed time schedule of the individual weekend races. After the tests at Calafat, racing driver Michal Matějovský remains with the SUNRED-BRT team in Spain, and, in the middle of the next week, moves to Valencia. He explains the program of the forthcoming days: 'Now, after the tests, we will return to the SUNRED company's facilities at Martorell, near Barcelona, where a detailed evaluation of the tests will be performed and the car will be carefully prepared for the opening racing event.'

The wheel alignment of Michal Matějovský's SEAT León race car is being measured before the tests at Calafat Michal Matějovský and his team-mate, Oscar Nogues Working together with the SUNRED-BRT team's engineer on the car's setup at the tests at the Calafat circuit The team's mechanics are working on the car in the course of the testing



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