The SEAT León Eurocup series' opening race took place in heavy rain

Changing the tyres in the course of the Saturday race
- 17. 5. 2008, Valencia, Spain -

On Saturday, at 10.00, the opening event of the SEAT León Eurocup series continued at the Rivardo Tormo circuit in Valencia with the qualifying session. This time, the track was dry. The SUNRED-BRT team's driver Michal Matějovský managed very well and claimed an excellent third place.

This put him in the second row of the starting grid of the afternoon race, next to Freddy Barth, of Switzerland. The only two drivers ahead of them were Oscar Nogues, of Spain, and Colak, of Croatia. At the time when the drivers were lining up before the start, the dark clouds and slight intermittent showers aroused concern and the stewards issued the 'wet track' warning. Despite that, the race was started, with the 28 cars running on dry-weather tyres. Michal made a good start and was running at the top of the field. But then, the intermittent showers quickly changed into a torrential rain. First collisions occurred and the drivers gradually pitted for wet tyres. On Lap 5, Michal managed to avoid a collision involving several drivers and pitted as well. After another two laps, however, he had to go to the pits again as a trivial complication in his car emerged. That is, the car cooled down quickly in the rain and the windscreen and side windows fogged up completely. 'As hard as I tried, I could not clean the windscreen and the side windows, and I almost could not see the track. So, I had to pit for the second time and, consequently, I dropped in the standings. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the car's set-up and I look forward to the race tomorrow afternoon,' Michal summed up his debut in the SEAT León Eurocup series.

Michal finished thirteenth in the end. After the race, he took advantage of the opportunity to meet with Tom Coronel, the SUNRED Engineering Development team's driver contesting the FIA WTCC series with a SEAT León 2.0 TFSI car, and discussed the situation with him.

Waiting for the start Waiting for the start Michal Matějovský is talking to his team colleagues before the race Michal Matějovský's SEAT León car Michal Matějovský, before the start of the Saturday race Michal Matějovský, before the start of the Saturday race Michal Matějovský, before the start of the Saturday race Start fo the Saturday race Tom Coronel, Michal Matějovský and Tom Dufek Michal Matějovský's meeting with Tom Coronel Michal Matějovský's meeting with Tom Coronel Tom Coronel



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