Sunday's race determined by yellow flags

Michal Matějovský with the SEAT León car in the Sunday race
- 18. 5. 2008, Valencia, Spain -

The second, 15-lap race of the SEAT Leon Eurocup series' opening event took place in dry weather. After the start, on Lap 1, a fierce battle developed in the congestion of many drivers, ending up in a multiple crash. Michal Matějovský, who was running approximately tenth at that time, fortunately managed to avoid it, but dropped down to the 17th place. Afterwards, he fought his way up to the twelfth place, which he retained up to the finish.

After the race, Michal Matějovský gave his account of its course: 'After the start, we were experiencing serious problems with the congestion on the track. In Turn 3, the cars ahead of me started colliding with one another. I quickly responded to the situation and found my way past the cars and car body components flying in the air. After the Safety Car was brought out, there was a big confusion on the track. I exchanged my current position with several drivers, and we continued in the race. However, this was the cause of the events following the race.' That is, when the SEAT León Eurocup series' first weekend event was over, the stewards intervened in an unexpected manner. They successively summoned eight drivers and the representatives of their respective teams to the race director's office, and the confusion behind the safety car resulted in the subsequent penalization of six drivers. One of them was the Czech driver. 'It was a mistake. We were quickly passing one another, trying to settle behind the safety car. The situation was very confused. This, however, is a lesson for the future. Now I am going to make careful preparations for the upcoming racing event in France,' added Matějovský.

Michal is preparing for the Sunday race Parc Fermé after the Sunday race The Sunday race took place on a dry track Michal, shortly after overcoming Anton Markin, of Russia Michal Matějovský, at the Valencia circuit Michal Matějovský, at the Valencia circuit Michal Matějovský, at the Valencia circuit Michal Matějovský, at the Valencia circuit One of the circuit's entrances Michal and Tom Dufek in front of the team's facilities at Valencia View of the paddock at the Valencia circuit iew of the start and finish area (the start of the first race of the FIA WTCC series)



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