Michal Matějovský giving a commentary at the ČT 4 SPORT TV broadcasting studio

Michal Matějovský and Petr Lutonský, in the ČT 4 Sport broadcasting studio
- 21. 9. 2008, Prague -

ČT 4 Sport TV viewers could hear Michal Matějovský giving his commentary on the FIA WTCC racing event at Imola, Italy. This was a new experience for the young racing driver from Hradec Králové, who had contested his first FIA WTCC race in Brno in June, in the face of great competition of the world's top-class drivers. Moreover, Michal Matějovský meets these drivers regularly at the SEAT León Eurocup racing events, which are held within the framework of certain FIA WTCC weekend racing events. That is why he was invited by Mr Lutonský, ČT 4 Sport editor, to join him in the broadcasting studio and give his comment on the FIA WTCC race.

'The Imola racing event was very dramatic. We can say that it was dominated by James Thompson, of the UK, with a Honda Accord Euro R. By coming third in the first race and by winning the second one, he once again demonstrated his skills and his fighting spirit. The commentation went quite well, which was also acknowledged by the moderator. It was a new, interesting experience for me,' said racing driver Michal Matějovský after coming back from the broadcasting studio.



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