Monza will see the last racing event of this year of the SEAT León Eurocup

Michal Matějovský with his SEAT León Eurocup car
- 30. 9. 2008, Hradec Králové -

The last racing event of the SEAT Leon Eurocup series takes place this weekend at the famous Monza circuit near Milan, Italy. Michal Matějovský, the only Czech driver involved, is already there, working hard to acquaint himself with the track.

'We arrived a bit earlier so that I can familiarize myself with the track to the maximum possible extent, as I have not had any experience of this circuit before. My situation is a bit complicated because I have been suffering from mild influenza symptoms since my arrival. However, I hope that they will have subsided by the weekend, and I will be able to contest the last racing event,' informs the SUNRED-BRT team's driver Michal Matějovský from Italy.

The entire team is to arrive at the Monza circuit on Thursday, and the first free practice session is scheduled for Friday morning (10.30 - 11.00). The two races (Race 1, from 14.00 to 14.45 on Saturday, 4 October, and Race 2, from 13.15 to 14.00 on Sunday, 5 October) will be broadcast live on Eurosport.



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