Michal Matějovský is finishing his winter training in New Zealand

Michal Matějovský, jogging on a beach near Auckland
- 3. 3. 2008, Auckland, New Zealand -

Within the second half of March, the Československý Motorsport team's driver Michal Matějovský will come back from his winter-period fitness training in New Zealand. So, after more than two months in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, Michal will resume his obligations of a racing driver.

Michal does not have time to waste in New Zealand. He attends a language school and studies several hours a day to improve his English language skills, takes exercises in a gym and, by swimming and jogging, takes advantage of the local beach. Owing to the Internet, he keeps in touch with his team.

'I attend the gym four times a week. Moreover, I do a lot of swimming and go jogging every day. I also wanted to see some racing event here but I have not managed so far, although I was trying. This adds to the reasons why I am looking forward to the first testing event and to the beginning of this year's racing contests. The decision on the particular races is to be taken just these days and I am looking forward very much,' says Michal Matějovský via Skype, sitting in an Internet café in Auckland, his unshaven faces bronzed by the sun.



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