Unlucky race in the Netherlands

The Alfa Romeo 147 GTA in the pits
- 3. 3. 2008, Zandvoort, Netherlands -

The last racing event of the Dutch Winter Endurance Series, held last weekend at Zandvoort in the Netherlands, was the Vekra - CSMS Racing Team's debut race. That is, the team, for the first time, made use of its racing licence issued for the "Vekra - CSMS Racing Team".

The team's drivers Tadeáš Martínek and Petr Fulín had been entered for the four-hour race with the well-tried Alfa Romeo 147 GTA car. They only had twenty minutes for the qualifying in Sunday's tight program and, to top it all, this was the first opportunity for each of them to acquaint themselves with the track. Despite that, the two drivers did not fall behind in the face of great competition. In the short qualifying, Petr claimed the fourth fastest time of the category. For Tadeáš, who is only 17, this was his first racing event at all. In spite of that, he succeeded in improving his times steadily, lap by lap.

Unfortunately, the team's optimistic prospects were dashed at the start of the race, when Tadeáš, who was at the wheel at that time, was literally shot down by one of the other drivers, and his Alfa Romeo was damaged to such an extent that the team had to retire from the race. However, Petr Fulín was able to find positive aspects of this unlucky weekend event. He said: 'Naturally, we are sorry about the collision, however, it makes me very happy to see Tadeáš quickly improving his driving skills with each lap.' And, he went on, full of praise for the young driver: 'At the beginning of the qualifying, Tadeáš had respect for the powerful cars but, within the last laps, he coped with the track in a fully competent manner and was steadily improving his lap times.'

The Alfa Romeo 147 GTA in the pits Tadeáš Martínek and his father The Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, after the collision Drivers Tadeáš Martínek and Petr Fulín



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