Winter conditions at the testing in Poznań

Petr Fulín, with the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA car, in the course of the tests at the Poznań circuit
- 18. 3. 2008, Poznań, Poland -

At the beginning of last week, the VEKRA-CSMS Racing Team undertook another test series, this time at the circuit in Poznań, in southern Poland. The warm weather towards the end of the winter period suggested almost ideal testing conditions. However, the opposite was true. The temperature slightly below the freezing point, strong wind, and snow in the air - this was the actual situation in Poznań before Easter. The testing event was attended by five racing drivers, that is, Laura Hájková, Petr Fulín, Tiki Ivoševič, Daniel Skalický, and Tadeáš Martínek.

'Our objective is to test the cars after they had been prepared in the course of the winter period and newly set up. And, everything seems to be running here as expected, except for the weather. During the winter period, the drivers took a rest from racing, and I am pleasantly surprised to see their fine performance. This, however, is just one of the first testing events and, moreover, all the data gathered here, i.e., the temperature of tyres, temperature of the track and other data, is rather hard to apply beyond these winter conditions and so the final car set up will have to be established using the data obtained in the subsequent tests as well. These tests will be performed at some of the circuits in Germany,' Petr Fulín, the team's manager and racing driver, said after the testing in Poznań.

So, the VEKRA-CSMS Racing Team's next testing event, once more attended by the numerous line-up of drivers, will be held as early as Monday, 31 March 2008, at the Lausitzring circuit.

Dan Skalický's Octavia car before the beginning of the tests Briefing in the winter conditions at the Poznań circuit Briefing in the winter conditions at the Poznań circuit Dan Skalický, at the Poznań circuit Daniel Skalický Laura Hájová Tadeáš Martínek Tiki Ivoševič Test drives Test drives Test drives Test drives



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