A positive experience, definitely

Petr Fulín
- 26. 10. 2008, Hockenheimring -

Last weekend, Petr Fulín took part in the final event of the Seat Leon Supercopa series, which took place at the Hockenheimring circuit in Germany, together with the DTM, Porsche Cup and F3 races.

Our driver was to acquaint himself with the car and the track during the free practice. However, the car's electronic system failed and, after several pit stops, when the mechanics were trying hard to fix the trouble, Petr had to withdraw from this session. Despite the fact that the mechanics managed to eliminate the fault within the electrical system before the qualifying, the car continued to be kind of bedevilled by other troubles. That is, the problem of the engine's stalling started occurring in right-hand bends this time, suggesting that one of the car's fuel pumps was defective. After struggling for five laps, Peter had to withdraw from the session once again, from the last position.

In the time period before Race 1, the Logi Plus Racing team replaced almost every component of Petr's car, and everything looked like our driver might hit the track finally. The car was fully functional, and Petr fought his way through the pack to move from the 22nd spot to the 11th place at the finish line. 'It was a fine race, kind of a reward for the preceding troubles,' Petr Fulín said afterwards, pleased with the result. Unfortunately, this race had to be terminated with two laps to go, owing to a serious crash of one of the cars.

In Race 2, still in lap 1, the rear wheel of Petr's car was hit in a rather unscrupulous manner by another car, and Petr lost speed consequently. After a 60s penalization for the fastest track sector time with the yellow flag put out, our driver dropped down to the 18th spot. 'Needless to say, it is a pity. Throughout the entire weekend, in fact, we did not have any opportunity to try a different car set-up. In the last third of Race 1, the car started failing. In Race 2, we kind of took a risk. Unfortunately, it did not turn out well, and on top of that the chassis suffered damage from the rear impact. However, we have fulfilled our objectives set for this race at Hockenheimring. SUPERCOPA definitely is an interesting racing series, though not an easy one. However, this adds to the challenge,' said our driver, having in fact decided to take part in this series in the upcoming season.



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