Petr Fulín to contest the final race of Germany's 'Seat Leon Supercopa' series

Petr Fulín
- 22. 10. 2008, Hradec Králové -

At the upcoming weekend, Petr Fulín is to take part in the final race of Germany's prestigious Seat Leon Supercopa. This series regularly complements weekend events which feature the very popular DTM, Porsche Carrera Cup, ADAC Formel Masters, Formula 3 and ADAC VW Polo Cup championship races.

Every year, this final racing event at the Hockenheim circuit attracts an audience of 120 - 150 thousand, which is a number comparable with Formula 1 races. Our driver has been set the task of acquainting himself with the new car and with the environment of German racing circuits and racing events. This information will help him decide definitely whether to take part in this racing series in the 2009 season.

And, here is what Petr himself says about his chances: 'I have no idea as to how difficult this race will be and what result possibly is to be considered a success. Anyway, I would not like to get involved in a collision in this trial racing event. So, I have set myself the objective of bringing the car home in one piece. I will only have about twenty minutes of the free practice to get familiar with the car. This is not a long time if we take into account the fact that the car's controls differ from those I am accustomed to (no brake booster, the brake pedal is to be operated by left foot, column-mounted gearshift, etc.). However, I have been looking forward to the race very much.'

Seat Leon Supercopa on TV:

Premiere sportportal
26.10.2008, at 12:45 - Race 1, full-length recording
26.10.2008, at 13:20 - Race 2, full-length recording

26.10.2008, at 19:00 - DTM Highlights: Seat Leon Supercopa, approx. 6 min

25.10.2008, from 16:00 to 16:25, Race 1, live broadcast
26.10.2008, from 09:25 to 09:50, Race 2, live broadcast

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