The first experience with the new Seat

The SEAT León SC TDI, on the track of the Saturday endurance race
- 25. 4. 2009, Brno -

After achieving very good results in the Friday qualifying session, the crew of racing drivers Hybáček, Koláček and Matějovský started the three-hour endurance race just before noon on Saturday, 25 April. This race opened not only this year's Masaryk Circuit Spring Prix in Brno, but also the entire International Racing Circuit Championship of the Czech Republic (MMČR). Michal Matějovský took part in this race as one of the three drivers of the diesel-powered SEAT León SC TDI car of the SEAT Sport Slovakia team.

'On Friday, we made a good start to the entire weekend racing event by setting a very good time of 2:18.064 in the qualifying, putting us at the third place in the category up to 2000 cc. The situation in the race developed in a similar way, but then, towards the finish, the clutch started failing, which is why I decided to withdraw from the race to prevent any serious damage. However, the placing we achieved up to that moment earned Vlado and Peter the second position in the overall standings of the Championship of the Slovak Republic! For me, this racing event was a testing opportunity, and so I can say that it has had a very positive effect, in particular, from the point of view of the preparation for the upcoming SEAT León Eurocup racing event in Brno (20 - 21 June). I would like to thank the entire team for their fine cooperation. This car, which they had prepared in the course of the winter period, is excellent. After its teething problems have been eliminated, this car certainly will have to be counted among those that stand a chance of a podium spot,' Michal Matějovský said after the endurance race at the Brno circuit.

The starting grid of the Saturday endurance race The area in front of the SEAT Sport Slovakia team's pits Rotation of drivers in the course of the endurance race Vlado Hybáček and Michal Matějovský
Karel Kubů and Michal Matějovský Michal Matějovský, being interviewed by the editor of the 'TV NOVA Sport' channel Podium ceremony Racing drivers Peter Koláček and Vlado Hybáček, of Slovakia



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