ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ MOTORSPORT a.s., Hradec Králové: Projects for Season 2009

In 2009, the Hradec Králové-based company Československý motorsport a.s. will continue its major projects, which successfully developed in the previous year. The company's main objective is to achieve good results, namely, not only at domestic racing circuits, but also abroad.

Having prepared several teams whose drivers will contest prestigious racing events in the Czech Republic and in other European countries in the upcoming season, the company will focus its attention on talented young drivers Michal Matějovský and Jiří Forman, who will particularly aim to win recognition in international contests.

Michal Matějovský is to take part in the six weekend racing events of the 2009 SEAT Leon Eurocup, which is certainly the most prestigious of the championships which the company is involved in. Michal Matějovský, once again under the colours of the SUNRED-BRT Czech-Spanish team, will have to compete against more than twenty drivers from across Europe. All the races of the SEAT Leon Eurocup series will be broadcast live on Eurosport, within the FIA World Touring Car Championship (FIA WTCC) weekend programs. Our driver's objective is to win one of the six racing events, as this would automatically earn him an opportunity to take part in the subsequent FIA WTCC race. Moreover, Matějovský has been engaged as a test driver of the SALEEN S7R race car of the KplusKmotorsport team. This experience will be important in deciding on the driver's orientation in 2010.

Jiří Forman, owing to his results achieved in the previous years, has become a driver of the MS KART company, a successful kart manufacturer. So, the upcoming season will pose a great challenge to him. In the second half of the year, Jiří Forman, as part of his preparation for the 2010 season, will start testing with a race car.

And, the company's experienced driver Miroslav Forman, as the number one driver of the team for another year of the International Racing Circuit Championship of the Czech Republic, will start his involvement in this series at the last weekend of April, when the Masaryk Circuit Spring Prix takes place. Forman, once again, is to contest this series with the well-tried AUDI A4 ST. Moreover, he will also take part in certain racing events abroad.



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