SEAT TDI dropped out due to engine trouble

SEAT TDI, on the starting grid of the 'Epilog' race at the Brno circuit
- Brno, 17. 10. 2009 -

As usual, this year's racing season at the Automotodrom Brno circuit was concluded by the EPILOG endurance race. Also taking part was Michal Matějovský, who joined the crew of the SEAT Sport Slovakia team. Despite the poor weather conditions (temperature of approximately 2°C, showers), Michal Matějovský claimed an excellent second place in the timed practice, in the face of the competition of almost...

The team's guests tried the SEAT TDI race car

Jiří Balvín very much enjoyed the ride in the SEAT Leon TDI race car with Michal Matějovský at the wheel
- Brno, 15. 10. 2009 -

On Thursday, 15 October, at the Brno Masaryk Circuit, the team was joined by Mr Jiří Balvín, the winner of the tombola drawn on the occasion of an anniversary of Miss World 2006 Taťána Kuchařová's "Beauty of Help" Foundation ( Also attending were Mr Ondra Laušman, the winner of a prize competition of the website, and Mr Martin Vencko...

Matějovský took a TOP 10 position of the series' overall standings

Michal Matějovský, on the starting grid of Sunday's race at the Imola Circuit
- 20. 9. 2009, Imola, Italy -

The last race of the 2009 SEAT Leon Eurocup series took place in the morning on Sunday, 20 September 2009, in sunny weather. On Saturday, Michal Matějovský finished the race with a damaged car. After the race, moreover, a fault at the engine inlet was detected, which had caused the engine to loose power in the Saturday race. This all meant that Michal only came eleventh on Saturday...

Side impact after the start ruined the chance of a good result at Imola

Michal Matějovský, in his SEAT Leon car before the start of the Saturday race at Imola, Italy
- 19. 9. 2009, Imola, Italy -

After experiencing troubles with his car in the timed practice, Michal Matějovský was to start Race 1 from the fifth row of the grid. However, due to a penalty for going beyond the white line in a corner in the qualifying, he dropped another five spots. As usual, Michal Matějovský did very well in the flying start and gradually fought his way ahead, through the pack of 21 drivers...

Michal Matějovský has completed Friday's free practice sessions at Imola, Italy

Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Imola, Italy
- 18. 9. 2009, Imola, Italy -

On Friday, 18 September, in dry but cloudy weather, two free practice sessions were held at the Imola Circuit, Italy. In the first one, the Czech racing driver Michal Matějovský came seventh, in the second one, after experiencing troubles with the fuel feed pump in his car, Michal Matějovský took the tenth place. 'This is the first time that I am to contest a race at...'

Matějovský appeared in the role of a reporter on Eurosport

Michal Matějovský, in the role of an assistant reporter of the SEAT Leon Eurocup racing event for the Eurosport 2 TV Channel
- 8. 9. 2009, Brno -

Michal Matějovský continued his involvement in the reporting of racing circuit events. This time, he had been invited by the representative of the Eurosport 2 TV Channel to the Prague studio for Tuesday morning to join their sports editor in reporting the recording of the recent event of the 2009 SEAT Leon Eurocup series, which took place last weekend at the Oschersleben circuit...

Matějovský finished in the points on Sunday

Michal Matějovský, on the starting grid of the Sunday race of the SEAT Leon Eurocup event at Oschersleben
- 6. 9. 2009, Oscheresleben, Germany -

After retiring from the Saturday race of the penultimate event of the 2009 SEAT Leon Eurocup series, Michal Matějovský started the Sunday race from the rear, 16th spot of the grid. In the course of the 14-lap race, however, he managed to fight his way through the pack and finished in the valuable, point-scoring seventh place. 'From the back of the grid, I moved up to run among...'

Matějovský took the lead after the start of Race 1 at Oschersleben on Saturday

Start of Saturday's race, with Michal Matějovský moving up to take the lead
- 5. 9. 2009, Oscheresleben, Germany -

Having set the sixth fastest time in Friday's timed practice at Oschersleben, Germany, Michal Matějovský started the Saturday race from the third row of the grid, from the sixth spot. He made an excellent start, took the lead and even forged ahead in the opening laps. But then the Safety Car had to be brought out due to a collision in the field. When the track was clear again...

Matějovský to start Race 1 at Oschersleben from the third row

Michal Matějovský is getting ready for the qualifying
- 4. 9. 2009, Oschersleben, Germany -

After the summer break, the SUNRED-BRT team's racing driver Michal Matějovský started Friday's free practice sessions of the SEAT Leon Eurocup event at Oschersleben with steady lap times. The weather at the circuit was rather uncertain, with moments of sunshine alternating with cloudy sky, which often looked like rain. In the end, however, both the free practice sessions and the important...

The 2009 SEAT Leon Eurocup series continues at Oschersleben

Time schedule of Round 5 of the 2009 SEAT Leon Eurocup series at Oschersleben
- 2. 9. 2009, Hradec Králové -

After the summer break, the 2009 SEAT Leon Eurocup series continues at the Oschersleben Circuit, Germany, where the series' next round is held within the FIA WTCC event at the upcoming weekend, from 4 to 6 September 2009. Michal Matějovský, who at this circuit took a third place last year in a racing event of the first year of the SEAT Leon Eurocup series, aims at a fine placing once again...

A tyre failure dashed Matějovský's prospects of a point-scoring finish

The SEAT cars, prepared for the Sunday race at the Brands Hatch circuit
- 19. 7. 2009, Brands Hatch, UK -

Shortly before noon on Sunday, 19 July, the SUNRED-BRT team's driver Michal Matějovský started Race 2 of the fourth round of the SEAT León Eurocup series from the last row of the grid, after he had to retire from the Saturday race due to the double failure of the front left tyre of his car. After the start, Michal gradually fought his way ahead, up to the fifth position. However, with...

Matějovský clocked the fastest lap of the race

Michal Matějovský, at the first row of the starting grid of the Saturday race
- 18. 7. 2009, Brands Hatch, UK -

Michal Matějovský was bedevilled by bad luck in Race 1 at the Brands Hatch circuit. After making a good start, Michal took lead. But than, in the Druids Bend, Michelisz failed to apply brakes adequately and hit the door of Michal's car. Michal went off the track for a moment and, before he joined the race again, dropped down to the tenth position...

Michal Matějovský will start from the first row on Saturday

Mechanici měli plné ruce práce při výměně převodovky, za jejich dobrou práci se jim Michal odvděčil 2.místem v měřeném tréninku
- 17. 7. 2009, Brands Hatch, UK -

Matějovský took no chances before the upcoming SEAT León Eurocup event. He has been at the Brands Hatch circuit from Monday, 13 July, when he spent the whole day testing. Towards the end of his test program, however, a gear box failure was detected, and so a new gear box was fitted before the weekend racing event. On Friday, Michal undertook the first free practice session...

Matějovský had to retreat from a top position due to a brake failure

The damaged wheel brake cylinder and brake pad, dismantled after the Sunday race
- 5. 7. 2009, Porto, Portugal -

Race 2 of the third round of this year of the SEAT Leon Eurocup series at the Porto circuit in Portugal started on Sunday afternoon, under the cloudy sky, with rain imminent. After making an excellent start, the SUNRED-BRT team's driver Michal Matějovský fought his way ahead, to the third position. After several laps of the eleven-lap race, however, the brakes of Michal's car started failing...

Race 1 at Porto with no scratch

View of a part of the starting grid of Race 1 at the Boavista Circuit, Porto
- 4. 7. 2009, Porto, Portugal -

His car without any scratch, Michal Matějovský claimed the excellent fifth place in Race 1 on Saturday afternoon, at the difficult, 4770m-long circuit laid out in the narrow streets of the city of Porto, Portugal. This was Michal's first race at the Porto city circuit. He gradually acquainted himself with the track in the free practice sessions, and kept improving his lap times...

Valuable points from Brno

Situation shortly after the start of the SEAT Leon Eurocup series' race at the Brno Circuit on Sunday
- 21. 6. 2009, Brno -

On Sunday, 21 June 2009, another racing event of the SEAT Leon Eurocup series took place at the Brno Circuit. Michal Matějovský, who had claimed the fifth place in the Saturday race, started on Sunday from the fifth spot of the grid, that is, from the third row. Michal made a good start and gradually moved up by one or two spots. However, due to collisions and a subsequent multiple crash, yellow and then red...

Matějovský has reinforced his position among the leading drivers

Michal Matějovský, in the battle for a top position after the flying start of Race 1 of the Seat Leon Eurocup event in Brno
- 20. 6. 2009, Brno -

The SEAT Leon Eurocup continues with its second round this weekend. For the first time, this series' race takes place in the Czech Republic, posing a great challenge to Michal Matějovský, racing driver of the SUNRED-BRT Spanish-Czech team. 'Our team made their best to prepare the car for this racing event held at our domestic circuit. On Friday, however, the weather deteriorated rapidly in the course...

Matějovský finished in the second place

Andrea Larini, Michal Matějovský, and Fredy Barth, the first three drivers of the Sunday race of the SEAT León Eurocup series
- 31. 5. 2009, Valencia, Spain -

An excellent race from Michal Matějovský at the Valencia Circuit on Sunday. After starting from the second row, Michal Matějovský gradually moved up to the second place, which he defended up to the finish of the thirteen-lap race on Sunday. It is just by a very narrow margin that the SUNRED-BRT team's driver missed the opportunity to contest the upcoming FIA WTCC racing event at the Brno...

First points for Matějovský

Situation shortly after the start of the Saturday race
- 30. 5. 2009, Valencia, Spain -

The SUNRED-BRT team's Michal Matějovský, the only Czech driver contesting the prestigious SEAT León Eurocup series, took his first three points by coming sixth in Race 1 on Saturday. Matějovský experienced a somewhat unlucky timed practice, when he, after fitting new tyres, hit just the 'yellow phase' of the session. He clocked the sixth fastest time, putting him in the third row of the starting grid...

Excellent start at Valencia

Michal Matějovský and Diego Pujo, of Spain, at Friday's free practice session at the Valencia Circuit
- 29. 5. 2009, Valencia, Spain -

The SUNRED-BRT team's Michal Matějovský made a great impression on Friday at the free practice of the 2009 SEAT León Eurocup series' opening event in Valencia, Spain. Each of the two free practice sessions at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit on Friday, 29 May, took place in very warm weather. Right away in the first one, attended by 21 drivers from eight European countries, Matějovský claimed the third place...

Matějovský is setting off for Valencia

Valencia Circuit
- 26. 5. 2009, Hradec Králové -

The 2009 SEAT Leon Eurocup series begins with its opening action held within the FIA WTCC event in Valencia on the upcoming weekend. Michal Matějovský, who was setting very fast lap times at the recent testing event at this circuit, does not conceal his ambition. He wants to achieve the best possible result. 'I am leaving for Valencia as early as at the beginning of this week to prevent...

First testing on water

The route has not got dry for even a minute during testing
- 14. 5. 2009, Brno -

Michal Matějovský returned from hot Spain almost directly to the cloudy Brno circuit for another testing, which took place on Thursday May 14, 2009. This time the car SEAT León SC TDI of the team SEAT Sport Slovakia was tested. The test rides took place under not very heavy but constant rain and temperatures around 10°C. "It has been being worked on the car a lot since the last race so we met...

Matějovský the fastest in Valencia

Work on setting the car in box
- 12. 5. 2009, Valencia, Spain -

On the circuit Ricardo Tormo in Spanish Valencia the last tests of the team SUNRED took place on Tuesday May 12. That is before the first event of this year serial of races SEAT León Eurocup, which will take place on this circuit in about three weeks time. Michal Matějovský, the driver of the team SUNRED-BRT, flew to Spain already on Monday and than on Tuesday he was together with the team...

Matějovský is getting ready for the race in Porto

Michal Matějovský and Miroslav Budík, in the course of the computer-simulator practice
- 27. 4. 2009, Brno -

Last weekend, besides contesting the MMČR endurance race with the SEAT Leon SC TDI car of the SEAT Sport Slovakia team on the Brno race track, Michal Matějovský also made good use of an available computer simulator to get some training for the race in Porto, Portugal. This is a very difficult city-circuit, and Michal, up till now, has not had any experience of driving there...

Michal Matějovský: 'This has been a hard week.'

Michal Matějovský is taking to the track at one of the test sessions at the Imola circuit
- 8. 4. 2009, Imola, Italy -

The SUNRED-BRT team's racing driver Michal Matějovský has just completed the testing in Brno and Imola. 'The first race in Valencia is drawing near, and I have been working very hard to get ready. To sum up the recent testing events, I can say that I am very pleased. At the Brno circuit, we did a lot of work adjusting the chassis and I set the fastest lap times, with a 0.7s margin ahead of the second-placed driver...

Milan Vaňkát performed further tests with the Seat race car

Milan Vaňkát with the Seat Leon car, at the Brno circuit
- 5. 4. 2009, Brno, Masarykův okruh -

Like in Barcelona three weeks ago, the drivers of the SUNRED and SUNRED-BRT teams testing at the Brno circuit were joined by Milan Vaňkát, a racing driver well known from the Czech Republic's Octavia Cup series. 'As I know this circuit very well from the Czech Republic's Championship races, the opportunity to take part in a testing event of the Spain-based SUNRED team posed another challenge to me...

The Brno Circuit was under the Seat colours on Sunday

Michal Matějovský with the Seat León car, at the Sunday testing event at the Brno circuit
- 5. 4. 2009, Brno, Masarykův okruh -

Throughout the first Sunday of April, in favourable, warm spring weather, the SUNRED-BRT, SUNRED, and SEAT Sport Slovakia teams were busy testing their Seat cars at the Brno Masaryk Circuit. While the SUNRED-BRT and SUNRED teams were preparing their cars for the Seat León Eurocup series' racing event that takes place in Brno within the FIA WTCC Weekend on 20 - 21 June, the objective...

Matějovský is satisfied with the first tests of his new Seat car

Michal Matějovský is setting off to a test drive at the Valencia circuit, Spain
- 9. 2. 2009, Valencia, Spain -

On Monday, 9 February 2009, in very favourable weather, the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia, Spain, saw the SUNRED team's first testing event, which was attended by the drivers who should take part in the upcoming second year of the Seat Leon Eurocup series.

Interesting contest

Photograph from the contest of MAXIM's editor Adam Maršál and racing driver Michal Matějovský
- 21. 1. 2009, Hradec Králové -

At the end of last year, Michal Matějovský took part in an interesting contest at the Most racing circuit. Challenged by the well-known monthly journal MAXIM, Michal competed with one of MAXIM's editors not only on the track of the Most circuit, but also in the cockpit of a computer-based driving simulator. The results of the two contests were published in MAXIM's January edition...

The Seat Leon car for Michal Matějovský has been prepared

Michal Matějovský, with the Seat car prepared for the 2009 Seat Leon Eurocup series
- 16. 1. 2009, Hradec Králové -

Michal Matějovský's debut season in the Seat Leon Eurocup finished just a short time ago. Nevertheless, everything has been promptly prepared for the upcoming year of this racing circuit series. Supported by the company Seat once again, Michal, relying on the wealth of experience gained in the previous year, is determined to contest the top positions of the overall standings...

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