Michal Matějovský visited the 2009 ESSEN MOTOR SHOW

Wolfgang Sandtler, Tim Sandtler and Michal Matějovský, at the 2009 ESSEN MOTOR SHOW
- Essen, 28. 11. 2009 -

Towards the end of the year, from the end of November to the beginning of December, the Essen fair ground, as usual, is hosting Germany's largest motor sport and tuning exhibition. Offering the latest innovations and best products that are available, this year's 2009 ESSEN MOTOR SHOW takes place from 28 November to 6 December. Among those attending was, as every year, the BRT team's racing...

Michal Matějovský attended an autographing event at the '2009 Kola & TUNING SHOW' exhibition at Lysá nad Labem

The 'Formule 2009/2010' yearbook's launching ceremony at the 'Rychlá kola' motor show at Lysá nad Labem
- Lysá nad Labem, 22. 11. 2009 -

Last weekend, the fair ground at Lysá nad Labem saw the fourteenth year of the'2009 Kola & TUNING SHOW' prestigious exhibition, which not only introduced the cars of the world's leading automakers, including the latest 2009 models, but also presented the second year of the 'TUNING SHOW' event. Also included was the 8th year of the unique, well-known 'Rychlá kola' motorsport event which featured genuine race...

Autographing events at Truckfest and at the Eastern Bohemia Autoshow

Michal Matějovský's autographing event at the ADIP company's stand at Truckfest, Hradec Králové
- 12. 9. 2009, Hradec Králové -

Last weekend, the SUNRED-BRT team's racing driver Michal Matějovský attended his autographing events that were held at two major motor-sport actions staged in Hradec Králové. Michal Matějovský met there his fans and talked to them about the 2009 SEAT Leon Eurocup, which is just culminating. The first of the two actions, the traditional Truckfest, or, the Czech Republic's biggest presentation of trucks...

Matějovský appeared in the role of a reporter on Eurosport

Michal Matějovský, in the role of an assistant reporter of the SEAT Leon Eurocup racing event for the Eurosport 2 TV Channel
- 8. 9. 2009, Brno -

Michal Matějovský continued his involvement in the reporting of racing circuit events. This time, he had been invited by the representative of the Eurosport 2 TV Channel to the Prague studio for Tuesday morning to join their sports editor in reporting the recording of the recent event of the 2009 SEAT Leon Eurocup series, which took place last weekend at the Oschersleben circuit...

Climbing gear employed instead of a race car

Climbing gear employed instead of a race car
- 12. 8. 2009, Deštné -

The Hradec-Králové based racing drivers Michal Matějovský and Josef Král, of the Bohemia Racing Team, undertook an unconventional fitness training in the brake between racing events. They accepted an invitation by Josef Pohl, former Skibob World Champion, and visited a recently opened rope park at Deštné in the Orlické hory mountains. Instead of driving a race car, the two drivers...

A day with the Cardion AB Motoracing team

A day with the Cardion AB Motoracing team
- 11. 8. 2009, Brno, Ořechov -

Before the upcoming eleventh round of this year of the MotoGP, the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic, which takes place at the Automotodrom Brno circuit this weekend, the Cardion AB Motoracing team staged a 'Team Day' event. Among those taking part was Michal Matějovský, who had been invited by his friend, Karel Abrahám, who contests the 250cc category of the Grand Prix with his Aprilia...

Matějovský in Most with Seat

Michal Matějovský together with Vlado Hybáček during the races of ICCR in Most
- 8. 8. 2009, Most -

The driver of the team SUNRED-BRT Michal Matějovský used the summer break between the races of SEAT Leon Eurocup for the events with sponsors. Therefore it was no chance that on August 6 he appeared in Prague O2 Žluté Lázně, where was within the framework of "Day of SEAT" a birthday concert of the band Monkey Business. Michal showed there a little of his driving skills, when he...

Matějovský was a guest to a charity evening event of Taťána Kuchařová

Michal Matějovský and Taťána Kuchařová met at the charity evening event in the Ambassador Hotel
- 25. 6. 2009, Prague -

Michal Matějovský was invited by Miss World Taťána Kuchařová to take part in a charity evening event that took place in the Ambassador Hotel on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Taťána Kuchařová's 'Beauty of Help' Foundation (www.krásapomoci.cz). This evening event met with great interest. The SUNRED-BRT team's driver handed over one of the main prizes...

Autographing event at the SEAT ČR company's stand at the 2009 Autosalon Brno motor show

Autographing event of racing driver Michal Matějovský at the 2009 Autosalon Brno motor show
- 7. 6. 2009, Brno -

Thousands of visitors are attracted every day by the magnificent program and exhibits of numerous renowned car companies from all over the world to the 2009 Autosalon Brno motor show, which officially opened for the public at the Brno Exhibition Centre on Saturday, 6 June 2009. The SEAT ČR company's stand at this exhibition was visited on Sunday by the SUNRED-BRT team's racing driver Michal Matějovský...

BRT team's racing drivers tried Harley-Davidson police motorcycles

Michal Matějovský and Josef Král, in the presence of the Mayor of the City of Hradec Králové, Mr Divíšek, tried the Harley-Davidson motorcycles of the Hradec Králové Metropolitan Police
- 19. 5. 2009, Hradec Králové -

Racing drivers Michal Matějovský and Josef Král, together with the Mayor of the City of Hradec Králové, Mr Otakar Divíšek, tried the Harley-Davidson motorcycles which have been used by the Hradec Králové Metropolitan Police for just several weeks. Naturally, none of the two drivers took to the streets. However, they showed a lot of interest in the parameters...

Michal Matějovský's autographing event at the '2009 KAMION SHOW'

Michal Matějovský's autographing event held at the 'Kamion Show' at the Hoškovice Airport near Mnichovo Hradiště
- 16. 5. 2009, Hoškovice, Mnichova Hradiště -

Racing driver Michal Matějovský spent the Saturday afternoon at the Hoškovice Airport near Mnichovo Hradiště, where the '2009 KAMION SHOW' event took place in fine spring weather. To expand the event's program, Michal Matějovský presented the 'K plus K motorsport' team's Porsche Carrera race car. Furthermore, Michal Matějovský met his fans at an autographing event prepared by the organizers...

FIA WTCC races live on ČT 4 SPORT

Michal Matějovský with the car SEAT on city circuit in Pau
- 15. 5. 2009, Hradec Králové -

This weekend the Czech spectators will have again a possibility to watch another event of WC of touring cars - FIA WTCC, which is taking place in south France city Pau. Michal Matějovský absolved this circuit in Pau last year within the framework of SEAT Leon Eurocup races and now he will be again the co-commentator of Petr Lutonský in the program shown on the channel ČT 4 SPORT...

Miss World Taťána Kuchařová is Michal Matějovský's fan

Miss World Taťána Kuchařová and the SUNRED-BRT team's driver Michal Matějovský, in the course of the meeting at the beginning of this motor-sport season
- 11. 5. 2009, Hradec Králové -

Top model and Miss World Taťána Kuchařová is interested in Michal Matějovský's racing activities. Taťána Kuchařová and Michal Matějovský, prominent personalities from Eastern Bohemia, met for the first time in 2006, when Taťána, the Miss of the Czech Republic at that time, was invited by the team to take part in their testing event . On that occasion, she also tried the role of a racing driver...

Duo of automobile racers seeing the Regional Governor

Governor of Hradec Králové Region Lubomír Franc together with the drivers Michal Matějovský and Josef Král
- 5. 5. 2009, Hradec Králové -

The Hradec Králové automobile racers Michal Matějovský and Josef Král visited the seat of the Regional Office, where they were welcomed by the Governor of Hradec Králové Region Mr. Lubomír Franc. The talented racers talked during the informal chat about their plans and targets for the coming motorsport season in which they are going to be introduced in the colors of Bohemia Racing Team...

Excellent KplusK motosport in Silverstone

Ryan Sharp and Karl Wendlinger won the first race of  FIA GT in Silverstone
- 3. 5. 2009, Hradec Králové -

The first event of this year championship FIA GT (www.fiagt.com) took place just at the past weekend in English Silverstone. The test driver of team KplusK motosport Michal Matějovský was among those who watched on TV with expectations the first performance of his team mates in this serial back here in the Czech Republic. And the result of the...

Races in Moroccan Marrakech with the commentaries of Michal Matějovský on ČT 4

Michal Matějovský will appear this weekend on ČT 4 in a role of co-commentator of the races FIA WTCC in Marrakech
- 2. 5. 2009, Hradec Králové -

Thanks to the TV channel ČT4 the Czech spectators have a possibility to watch this weekend the already third event of World championship of touring cars - FIA WTCC, which is now taking place in Moroccan Marrakech. The races in Morocco, which are again co-commented with Petr Lutonský by the driver of the team SUNRED-BRT Michal Matějovský, will be on TV channel ČT4 on Sunday May 3rd 2009...

The "K plus K motorsport" team's race cars are ready

Assisted by Adam Lacko and Michal Matějovský, Father Zbignew Jan Czedlik blessed the Saleen S7R cars
- 26. 4. 2009, Česká Třebová -

On Thursday morning, the "K plus K motorsport" team's trucks will set out on their way to the Silverstone circuit, where this year's first FIA GT1 race takes place, with the team's two Saleen S7R cars on the grid. Just before this moment, the team's headquarters in Česká Třebová were visited by Father Zbignew Jan Czedlik, the parish priest, who, assisted by racing drivers...

Matějovský presented his plans for this year in Jaroměř as well

Livie Kuchařová, Bára Štěpánová, and Michal Matějovský, racing driver of the SUNRED-BRT team
- 18. 4. 2009, Jaroměř, Autoprofi & Matějovský -

Michal Matějovský, the SUNRED-BRT team's racing driver, presented his plans and objectives for the upcoming season to a great number of guests attending an open-day event held in the Autoprofi&Matějovský company's motor-car show room in Jaroměř on 18 April 2009. The entire event was moderated by the well-known actress Bára Štěpánová, who also conducted an interview with Michal...

The BRT team's drivers met motor-sport journalists

M. Matějovský, P. Najman, and J. Král, at the beginning of the meeting with journalists in the Hilton Hotel
- 16. 4. 2009, Prague -

The Bohemia Racing Team's manager, Petr Najman, and the Team's drivers Michal Matějovský and Josef Král met motor-sport journalists in one of the lounges of the Hilton Hotel in Prague in the afternoon on Thursday, 16 April. Each of the two racing drivers is involved in a different racing category. Michal Matějovský, who concentrates on touring cars, will contest the SEAT León Eurocup series this year again...

Michal Matějovský covered the first laps with the Saleen race car

Michal Matějovský is listening to the Mexican driver Maria Domingues, who is talking about his experience of driving the Saleen test car
- 24.-25. 3. 2009, Lausitzring, Germany -

On 24 and 25 March, the Lausitzring circuit in Germany hosted the "K plus K motorsport" team's testing event attended by the complete lineup, that is, drivers Ryan Sharp, Karl Wendlinger, Adam Lacko, and Michal Matějovský, the team's testing driver, who was just to cover his first miles with this GT1 race car. The "K plus K motorsport" team's drivers were joined by Maria Domingues, of Mexico...

The thrilling FIA WTCC race in Puebla was reported by Petr Lutonský and Michal Matějovský

Petr Lutonský and Michal Matějovský, in the ČT4 SPORT broadcasting studio
- 22. 3. 2009, Prague -

This weekend, owing to the ČT4 SPORT TV channel, Czech motor-sport fans could watch live the second event of the FIA WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) series in Puebla, Mexico. The thrilling racing event, reported in Czech by Petr Lutonský and by racing driver Michal Matějovský, who provided an accompanying expert explanation, saw a double win for Seat: Rickard Rydell, of Sweden...

Matějovský successfully completed another test series

The Seat cars, prepared for the testing event at the Catalunya circuit at Montmelo
- 16. 3. 2009, Montmelo, Spain -

Another testing event of the SUNRED team took place at the Catalunya circuit in Spain, in beautiful, warm and sunny weather. Apart from the Sunred-BRT team's driver Michal Matějovský, this testing was attended by other drivers of the Spanish team and by the team's guest, Milan Vaňkát, a Czech racing driver who is well known from the Octavia Cup series. To him, this was a great, unique experience...

The "K plus K motorsport" team's drivers are in great shape before the testing

From the left, racing drivers Michal Matějovský, Ryan Sharp, Adam Lacko and Karl Wendlinger, and the team's manager, Roman Seidl (in the middle)
- 11.-12. 3. 2009, Česká Třebová, Litomyšl -

On Wednesday and Thursday, 11 and 12 March, motor-sport fans had an opportunity to meet the "K plus K motorsport" team's drivers, who will contest the FIA GT1 series in the upcoming season. The four drivers, that is, Karl Wendlinger, a former F1 driver, of Austria, Ryan Sharp, of the UK, Adam Lacko, of the Czech Republic, and Michal Matějovský, the "K plus K motorsport" team's test driver...

First tests with car SALEEN waiting for Matějovský

Michal Matějovský in cockpit of the car SALEEN S7R
- 3. 3. 2009, Česká Třebová -

The test driver K plus K motorsport Michal Matějovský visited the workshop of the team in Česká Třebová at the beginning of the week. He met the engineers and mechanics of the team and together they set the seat and pedals in the racing car SALEEN S7R. Michal has been invited for the first test drives already for this month. "The test will take place on one of the neighboring abroad circuits. We keep an eye...

Matějovský has become a test driver of the "K plus K motorsport" team

The K plus K motorsport team's drivers with the SALEEN S7R car at the press conference in the Hilton Hotel
- 12. 2. 2009, Prague -

This year, the "K plus K motorsport" team (www.kpluskmotorsport.cz) is to become the Czech Republic's first team to contest the FIA GT1 series. The 'K plus K motorsport' team's new project for the upcoming 2009 season was presented at a press conference held on Thursday, 12 February, in the Hilton Hotel, Prague. The team appointed Michal Matějovský as a test driver...

Interesting contest

Photograph from the contest of MAXIM's editor Adam Maršál and racing driver Michal Matějovský
- 21. 1. 2009, Hradec Králové -

At the end of last year, Michal Matějovský took part in an interesting contest at the Most racing circuit. Challenged by the well-known monthly journal MAXIM, Michal competed with one of MAXIM's editors not only on the track of the Most circuit, but also in the cockpit of a computer-based driving simulator. The results of the two contests were published in MAXIM's January edition...

The Seat Leon car for Michal Matějovský has been prepared

Michal Matějovský, with the Seat car prepared for the 2009 Seat Leon Eurocup series
- 16. 1. 2009, Hradec Králové -

Michal Matějovský's debut season in the Seat Leon Eurocup finished just a short time ago. Nevertheless, everything has been promptly prepared for the upcoming year of this racing circuit series. Supported by the company Seat once again, Michal, relying on the wealth of experience gained in the previous year, is determined to contest the top positions of the overall standings...

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