The 2009 Champions' Meeting took place at the 'Kart Arena' in Brno

Podium ceremony at the Champions' Meeting in Brno
- 24. 1. 2009, Brno -

On Saturday, 24 January 2009, the 'Kart Arena' in Brno hosted the 2009 Champions' Meeting, a two-hour kart race for the best racing drivers and motorcycle racers from all categories of motor sport in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The main idea behind this event is to provide an opportunity for the drivers and racers to meet and enjoy themselves by taking part in a race at the period of the winter break. This is a rare occasion, because they, naturally, cannot meat during the racing season. A partner to this event was the company MA-FRA, Europe's leading manufacturer of car polishes (

The actual race was contested by eight teams, each of them comprising three drivers or racers. Among those involved were Michal Matějovský and Miroslav Forman. Michal Matějovský joined Jirka Mičánek, Junior, and Ladislav Hanák to form the 'Top-Notch Team', which finished in second place. The team of Miroslav Forman, Petr Líbal, and Marek Fried (the 'Dead Snail' team) came eighth, due to technical trouble.

'Everything went well, except for the moment about 30 minutes after the start, when, owing to a broken throttle control spring, we had to change the kart for a moment. At that time, we were running second. Due to this defect, we dropped down, to the fourth place, but we managed to make up for the loss and moved up to the second place again. We kept this position up to the finish,' said Michal Matějovský, satisfied with the Champions' Meeting in Brno.

Rotation of drivers in the course of the race The 'TOP-NOTCH TEAM' came second



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