Jirka Forman achieved excellent results at the Sosnová circuit

Jiří Forman, of the MS Kart Racing team
- 12. 4. 2009, Sosnová -

Jiří Forman, the MS Kart team's racing driver, took part in the opening racing event of this year of the Czech Championship of the Rotax Max Challenge series at Sosnová on 11 and 12 April. Due to the fact that the Sosnová circuit will also host a race of the Rotax Euro Challenge in July, this opening action attracted numerous top-class drivers from abroad. So, the Rotax category, with almost 30 drivers from across the world, was the most fiercely contested category.

This season is Jirka's first in a senior category. His lap times from the free practice sessions at Sosnová put him at the first or second places. However, the timed practice did not come up to Jirka's expectations, as he only came sixth, which, probably, was an early indication of his illness that broke out fully on Sunday, after the races, when he, with fever, had to go to bed.

Jirka started each of the two final sessions from the third row of the grid. In Race 1, Jirka claimed the second place, in Race 2, he came third. The winner of each of the two final races was Lukáš Vrečka, who started from pole position. In Race 2, the second place was taken by Timofey Shanov, of Russia. In total, Jirka claimed an excellent second place, having secured the first double trophy of this season for the MS Kart team. Let's hope, that Jirka and the team will succeed in the upcoming races as well.

In Sosnová, Jirka continued his excellent results from the Euro Challenge racing event in Zuera, Spain, where he, in the face of great competition of 70 drivers from across the world, claimed the second place in Race 1 and the third place in Race 2. In Race 3, he was sixth. So, it only remains for us to say, 'Jirka, we keep our fingers crossed for you. Get well soon!!!'



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