Jirka Forman se probojoval do finále Rotax Max Challenge EURO 2009 v Sosnové

Jirka Forman (No. 216), fighting for the opportunity to take part in the final race of the 2009 Rotax Max EURO Challenge event at the Sosnová circuit
- 26. 7. 2009, Sosnová -

The Sosnová autodrome, i.e., Jiří Forman's domestic circuit, saw another round of the 2009 Rotax Max EURO Challenge karting championship last weekend. In the face of great competition of more than 50 drivers of the Rotax Max Senior category from across Europe, Jirka continued his series of fine results from Zuera, Spain, and Busca, Italy.

The racing event at Sosnová began on Friday, when Jirka Forman came 18th in the free practice sessions. In Saturday's three heats, Jirka claimed the 6th, 11th, and 7th places respectively, putting him to the 12th spot of the starting grid of the Saturday qualifying session. In this 15-lap race, after making a good start, Jirka Forman moved up and was running among the ten leading drivers. Towards the end of this race, however, Jirka got involved in a collision with another contestant, and went off the track for a moment. In the several laps remaining to the finish, Jirka, owing to his excellent driving style, made up for the loss. He finished in the 16th place, having qualified for the final race of the 2009 Rotax Max EURO Challenge event at Sosnová.

So, Jirka Forman started the final race at Sosnová from the 16th spot of the starting grid, well aware of the fact that a lot of collisions may occur in the middle of the field. Unfortunately, this concern came true when a driver running behind Jirka failed to brake and hit Jirka's kart, causing it to turn round. Consequently, Jirka dropped down and missed a top ten position in the finish. 'Everything was running well on our part. I am glad that I made it through to the finals of this event, right here, at my domestic circuit. Our team concentrates not only on these international races, which allow me to gain valuable experience, but also on the Czech Republic's Rotax Max Challenge Championship, in which I hold the first place so far, 8 points ahead of my team-mate Lukáš Vrečka. I would like to express my thanks to my mechanic Jirka Kahuda and to all those who help me in the preparation of my kart and in securing my participation in the individual racing events,' Jiří Forman said after his success at the racing event at Sosnová.

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