The ČSMS team's kart driver Jirka Forman is the Champion of the Czech Republic in the Rotax Max Category

Kart driver Jirka Forman took the title of the Champion of the Czech Republic in the Rotax Max category
- Vysoké Mýto, 4. 10. 2009 -

The last racing event of the Championship of the Czech Republic held in Vysoké Mýto last weekend saw a great success for the ČSMS team and its racing driver Jirka Forman, who continued his series of excellent results and finished this season by taking the title of the Champion of the Czech Republic.

All the drivers enrolled in the prestigious Rotax Max category were showing off their racing skills throughout the entire weekend, with Jirka permanently running among the top three right from Friday's free practice sessions. Jirka's fine prospects further improved after Saturday's timed practice, which saw him take the second place, well ahead of his major rival, Lukáš Vrečka, who only came fifth.

On Sunday, consequently, Jirka started Race 1 from the first row of the grid, which, on the kart track in Vysoké Mýto, unfortunately is not the best position. That is why Lukáš Vrečka, who was positioned at an inside spot of the grid, started the race ahead of Jirka. After six laps, however, Jirka passed him and claimed the second place, having secured a 14-point lead before the upcoming last race of the season.

The last race saw a great battle fought by Jirka and Lukáš until the last lap, when Jirka overtook Lukáš and came second again. So, Jirka took the CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE with an overall margin of 18 points. The fierce battles fought by the series' two leading drivers benefited Michal Fousek, who was driving in a fine manner and took two victories, which put him to the third place of the overall standings of the Championship of the Czech Republic.

'I would like to express my thanks not only to the ČSMS and 'MS kart' teams for their excellent work, but also to my mechanic Jirka Kahuda, to my father, without whom I would never have gone for racing, and, last but not least, to Mr Šimák, who always provided support and good advice to us. Thank you very much,' said the happy kart driver Jirka Forman, the fresh Champion of the Czech Republic in the Rotax Max Senior category, as he concluded the racing event in Vysoké Mýto.



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