First testing on water

The route has not got dry for even a minute during testing
- 14. 5. 2009, Brno -

Michal Matějovský returned from hot Spain almost directly to the cloudy Brno circuit for another testing, which took place on Thursday May 14, 2009. This time the car SEAT León SC TDI of the team SEAT Sport Slovakia was tested. The test rides took place under not very heavy but constant rain and temperatures around 10°C.

"It has been being worked on the car a lot since the last race so we met here in Brno to give it a few laps again and evaluate the changes. In the next races the spectators will be able to see how it all went. I should appear with this car in Most at the first June weekend on the races MMČR within the event CIK - FIA EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP," said the driver Michal Matějovský during testing.

Waiting for the rain to stop The windscreen is to be treated very carefully Michal Matějovský's test drive Checking the car after the test drive



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