Side impact after the start ruined the chance of a good result at Imola

Michal Matėjovský, in his SEAT Leon car before the start of the Saturday race at Imola, Italy
- 19. 9. 2009, Imola, Italy -

After experiencing troubles with his car in the timed practice, Michal Matėjovský was to start Race 1 from the fifth row of the grid. However, due to a penalty for going beyond the white line in a corner in the qualifying, he dropped another five spots. As usual, Michal Matėjovský did very well in the flying start and gradually fought his way ahead, through the pack of 21 drivers contesting the Saturday race. But then, when he was driving through the first corner, the right-hand side of his car was suddenly hit. Consequently, the right-side front door window deflected from the car body and impaired the car's aerodynamics considerably, resulting in the car's loosing speed at the straight sections of the track.

'I made a very good start. I entered the first corner rather easily, but then, suddenly, the right-hand-side of my car was hit. I realized that the car was loosing speed. Unfortunately, you can do nothing about it in a race,' Michal Matėjovský said after he finished Race 1 in the eleventh place. Tomorrow, he will start from the sixth row.

Last preparations in the SUNRED-BRT team's pits, before setting out Michal Matėjovský's car in the pit lane of the Imola Circuit Last moments before the start of the Saturday race The damage suffered by the car in the collision in the Saturday race



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