Matėjovský successfully completed another test series

The Seat cars, prepared for the testing event at the Catalunya circuit at Montmelo
- 16. 3. 2009, Montmelo, Spain -

Another testing event of the SUNRED team took place at the Catalunya circuit in Spain, in beautiful, warm and sunny weather.

Apart from the Sunred-BRT team's driver Michal Matėjovský, this testing was attended by other drivers of the Spanish team and by the team's guest, Milan Vaōkát, a Czech racing driver who is well known from the Octavia Cup series. To him, this was a great, unique experience. When the program of the testing day was over, he said: 'This has really been a fantastic experience. For the first time, I have had an opportunity to get acquainted with a Seat Leon Eurocup car. Moreover, the SUNRED team's mechanics prepared this car to suit my needs. They replaced the seat and exactly adjusted its position, height, etc. Then, all important details of the driving technique were explained to me by Michal Matėjovský. Naturally, the greatest experience was the actual drive. After I covered several first laps at the circuit, my chief engineer discussed the telemetry results with me so that I could apply his advice and instructions within the next, forty-minute test drive, during which I gradually got familiar with the car. In the subsequent test sessions, I was trying hard to make full use of the car's excellent driving properties, fantastic brakes, powerful engine, and faultless gear shifting with a gear-shift lever mounted on the steering column. This driving experience will remain in my mind for the rest of my life. I really enjoyed the atmosphere within the team. From the team's boss to the chief engineer to the mechanic who refuelled my car, everybody treated me with maximum care and willingness. They kept responding to my comments, questions and remarks, offered advice and readily explained everything to me. It only remains for me, perhaps, to try at least one real race of the Seat Leon Eurocup series with this car, in the face of the competition of 25 drivers from across Europe.'

In general, this testing event focused on the chassis setup. It was performed in compliance with a schedule determined in advance. Michal Matėjovský achieved numerous excellent results in the course of the day, competing with Aldo Ponti, of Italy. It was these two drivers that were permanently setting the best lap times. In the end, fortune favoured Ponti, who, after putting new tyres on, clocked a time of 2:02.2. Michal, with worn tyres, set the time of 2.00.3. (!). He spoke very highly of the tests. He said: 'I am very glad that I have had an opportunity to familiarize myself with this circuit. This has been my first experience with this track. It is very difficult, and so I am satisfied with the results achieved.'

After the tests, the entire team moved to its base at Martorell, where the cars will be prepared for the next testing event, which will take place at the Masaryk Circuit in Brno.

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