Michal Matėjovský covered the first laps with the Saleen race car

Michal Matėjovský is listening to the Mexican driver Maria Domingues, who is talking about his experience of driving the Saleen test car
- 24.-25. 3. 2009, Lausitzring, Germany -

On 24 and 25 March, the Lausitzring circuit in Germany hosted the "K plus K motorsport" team's testing event attended by the complete lineup, that is, drivers Ryan Sharp, Karl Wendlinger, Adam Lacko, and Michal Matėjovský, the team's testing driver, who was just to cover his first miles with this GT1 race car. The "K plus K motorsport" team's drivers were joined by Maria Domingues, of Mexico, and Daryl O'Young, of Hong Kong, who also came to try the Saleen S7R, and by Jiøí Janák, a Czech driver, who watched the testing from the pits.

Each of them spoke very highly both of the vehicle and the team's professional approach. 'I am delighted with this car, with its powerful engine, brakes and driving properties. I am very much looking forward to the next testing event. I would like to express my thanks to the entire team for their top-quality cooperation and to Mr Kubų, who offered me this opportunity,' said Michal Matėjovský, who will have to concentrate on another testing event, this time with his SUNRED-BRT team, at the Brno Masaryk Circuit, on Monday, 6 April.

The Saleen S7R race car, in front of the K plus K motorsport team's pits The tested Saleen race car The tested Saleen race car Michal Matėjovský, in the cockpit of the Saleen race car Racing drivers Michal Matėjovský and Adam Lacko, and the team's engineer Racing drivers Michal Matėjovský and Adam Lacko, in front of a TV camera Mr Karel Kubų, the team's owner (on the right), and racing driver Karl Wendlinger Daryll O'Young, of Hong Kong, talking to the team's engineer Karel Kubų and Milota Srkal Milota Srkal, Junior, and racing driver Michal Matėjovský Michal Matėjovský, giving an interview to the ČT4 Sport TV channel Racing driver Ryan Sharp, at the testing event at the Lausitzring circuit



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