The "K plus K motorsport" team's race cars are ready

Assisted by Adam Lacko and Michal Matějovský, Father Zbignew Jan Czedlik blessed the Saleen S7R cars
- 26. 4. 2009, Česká Třebová -

On Thursday morning, the "K plus K motorsport" team's trucks will set out on their way to the Silverstone circuit, where this year's first FIA GT1 race takes place, with the team's two Saleen S7R cars on the grid. Just before this moment, the team's headquarters in Česká Třebová were visited by Father Zbignew Jan Czedlik, the parish priest, who, assisted by racing drivers Michal Matějovský and Adam Lacko, blessed the two cars, their drivers and the entire team. The ceremony met with great interest of the public media.

Father Czedlik also showed a lot of interest in the race cars, and even got into the cockpit to try the car's seat and controls. As he himself is a motor-sport fan, Father Czedlik joined the drivers to discuss not only the GT races, but also the SEAT León Eurocup series, which is contested by Michal Matějovský under the SUNRED-BRT team's colours. 'I will certainly watch the live broadcast from the FIA GT opening racing event at Silverstone, UK, and I will gladly pay you a visit at one of the upcoming racing events,' said Father Czedlik and wished the two drivers good luck before he left.

Father Zbignew Jan Czedlik tried the seat of the Saleen S7R car Father Zbignew Jan Czedlik and Karel Kubů, the owner of the K plus K motorsport team Father Czedlik blessed the Saleen S7R race cars Father Czedlik blessed the Saleen S7R race cars



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