Michal Matėjovský's autographing event at the '2009 KAMION SHOW'

Michal Matėjovský's autographing event held at the 'Kamion Show' at the Hoškovice Airport near Mnichovo Hradištė
- 16. 5. 2009, Hoškovice, Mnichova Hradištė -

Racing driver Michal Matėjovský spent the Saturday afternoon at the Hoškovice Airport near Mnichovo Hradištė, where the '2009 KAMION SHOW' event took place in fine spring weather. To expand the event's program, Michal Matėjovský presented the 'K plus K motorsport' team's Porsche Carrera race car. Furthermore, Michal Matėjovský met his fans at an autographing event prepared by the organizers.

The Show at the Hoškovice Airport featured a great number of beautiful, fine-tuned trucks of various makes. The visitors also showed a lot of interest in the exhibited historic or rare ŠKODA-LIAZ vehicles, which included not only the trucks that took part in the Dakar Rally, but also the race truck with which Stanislav Matėjovský, Michal's father, contested the European Truck Racing Cup series.

The trucks on display; at the front is Stanislav Matėjovský's race truck, well known from the past years. Stanislav Matėjovský's race truck LIAZ is still atractive for visitors Michal Matėjovský, with the exhibited Porsche race car Michal Matėjovský, getting ready for the autographing event



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