Michal Matějovský attended an autographing event at the '2009 Kola & TUNING SHOW' exhibition at Lysá nad Labem

The 'Formule 2009/2010' yearbook's launching ceremony at the 'Rychlá kola' motor show at Lysá nad Labem
- Lysá nad Labem, 22. 11. 2009 -

Last weekend, the fair ground at Lysá nad Labem saw the fourteenth year of the'2009 Kola & TUNING SHOW' prestigious exhibition, which not only introduced the cars of the world's leading automakers, including the latest 2009 models, but also presented the second year of the 'TUNING SHOW' event. Also included was the 8th year of the unique, well-known 'Rychlá kola' motorsport event which featured genuine race cars and motorcycles. The captivating accompanying program included, for example, the 'Children's Rally Challenge Cup', whose winner is rewarded with a trophy supplied by the 'ÚAMK' automobile association. Numerous presentations also informed the visitors about the activities of the Police of the Czech Republic, of the BESIP road safety department of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, and of the 'ÚAMK' automobile association.

Besides seeing the top-class race cars at the stands of the 'Rychlá kola' exhibition, the visitors could also meet their drivers, among them Michal Matějovský, who had been invited to the exhibition at Lysá nad Labem as well. On Sunday, 22 November, Michal Matějovský took part not only in the launching ceremony dedicated to the 'Formule 2009/2010' yearbook of Formula Championships, but also in an autographing event prepared for the visitors to the exhibition.

The 'Rychlá kola' motor show at Lysá nad Labem The 'Rychlá kola' motor show at Lysá nad Labem The 'Rychlá kola' motor show at Lysá nad Labem The 'Rychlá kola' motor show at Lysá nad Labem



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