Michal Matėjovský visited the 2009 ESSEN MOTOR SHOW

Wolfgang Sandtler, Tim Sandtler and Michal Matėjovský, at the 2009 ESSEN MOTOR SHOW
- Essen, 28. 11. 2009 -

Towards the end of the year, from the end of November to the beginning of December, the Essen fair ground, as usual, is hosting Germany's largest motor sport and tuning exhibition. Offering the latest innovations and best products that are available, this year's 2009 ESSEN MOTOR SHOW takes place from 28 November to 6 December. Among those attending was, as every year, the BRT team's racing driver Michal Matėjovský.

Michal Matėjovský spent the most time there with the Sandtler company (www.sandtler.de), with which he has been cooperating for many years. At the Sandtler company's stand, featuring a generous design once again, Michal Matėjovský obtained the outfit for the next season from Mr Wolfgang Sandtler, the owner of the Sandtler company. Michal Matėjovský also took advantage of the opportunity and tried a B2 helmet, which the Sandtler company has the sole right to. A B2 helmet was used this year by the DTM driver Mattias Ekstrom, whose experience is used in its further development. 'Assisted by Tim Sandtler, I have tried several models of the B2 helmet, and I am really delighted. We agreed that I will be using the B2 helmet in the next season, that is, in the spring I should obtain the carbon version of the RZ 51 Touring model. Up to now, I have been using an Arai helmet. I am looking forward to the new experience,' racing driver Michal Matėjovský said at the Essen Motor Show.

The Sandtler company's stand Michal Matėjovský is trying a racing helmet of the new type. Assisted by Tim Sandtler, Michal Matėjovský is trying the new helmet Tim Sandtler and Michal Matėjovský, trying the new helmet at the Sandtler company's stand



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